PUBG on PS4 | 10 Things You Need To Know (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)


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One year ago Player Unknowns BattleGrounds moved over to console… but only for Xbox users as, at the time, it was a timed exclusive for the platform. To put it kindly, the initial Xbox release saw a shocking amount of technical issues. Only 2 months ago IGN deemed the Xbox one version of PUBG reliable enough to review to be fair the original version was classed as early access. They gave it 8.9 / 10 if you were wondering. Now, in December 2018, PUBG is coming to PS4… lets break it down…

1. Core differences to other Battle Royale games
2. 1st or 3rd person perspective
3. 3 maps at launch – Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok
4. New Winter Map – Vikendi
5. 60fps in the future? NOT YET!
6. New features coming soon
7. Price
8. Bonus PlayStation items
9. Event pass / Survival pass
10. Different versions

Secret code word ‘StormChaser’. Write it in the comments and I’ll try reply to you. – Adam

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  1. PlayStationGrenade says

    Will you try PUBG or is Fortnite your bae?

  2. ReaperStriker says

    on fortnite mobile "not camparing" i had a few skins bought and when i got it on ps4 my progress transfered any info on progression transfer for pubg

  3. ZigZag says

    very very poor graphic !!!! so sad for ps4

  4. Scorrc says

    Stormchaser.. is it possible to use keyboard and mouse?

  5. Soap MACtavish says

    Pubg>all battle royale

  6. Wayfaring Stranger says

    Pubg are a little to the party here. And shouldn't they fix the million bugs before releasing this on the ps4?

  7. *db* says

    Get your potato aim ready. It's going to be a learning curve. 🥔

  8. MisterWiki Memes says

    Realm royales beta just got released and it’s fucking sick boys get that instead of this

  9. Ravus says

    What's the controls system like ? aweful like xbox ?

  10. Walter Jones says

    Why cant they release a finished game I don't understand ,,I rather wait for a masterpiece than play through bullshit

  11. The Dark Raven Games says

    Is there that proximity chat? Like on pc

  12. First Name says

    Fartnite is for 12 year olds, PUBG & Black Out is for adults with money not mommy's card.

  13. Volkz337 says

    Pubg would be the best but it doesn’t feel smooth. Mechanics feel clunky. Blackout did a great job at helping you feel like you are the character.

  14. Jesus creepers says

    I'm a die hard Xbox fan. Will never buy a PlayStation. (I hate the controller) I'm actually happy that PlayStation fans can now play this. Everyone should get to play it, it's so good. I bought it day one (never had any problems like they say) and I've had fun every single time I've played it. You've got dayz to look forward to too, it's awesome.

  15. Jewku says

    Should I get this or will it be dead af

  16. Dkzeria PR says

    1 thing you should know the game is completely garbage

  17. Summy Turnt says

    Why is it not free on ps4 but is on the xbox

  18. Benjamin Harvey says

    I say “air” “an” “gel”

  19. Moments • says

    Damn i guess UNILAD GAMING lied abt that pubg ps4 will be free to play

  20. Kulasmalas 23 says


  21. Mr. CARMINE says

    Will it be free to play online like bitchass Fortnite or am I gonna have to actually get PS Plus now??? 🤨

  22. Austin Norman says

    How do I get different color damage? I seen a person on xbox with a color Purple bullets that when you hit someone its purple blood or something

  23. NPC 1z-y64n1 says

    I want to play it but it needs to be free to play. They are pulling on my Last of Us heart strings but I already have it on Xbox and the control is shit. So clunky and slow….almost impossible to be on target

  24. gojiraforbreakfast says

    A used $300 PC will play this better then console

  25. goreds02 says

    Blackout is better

  26. Khaled Houssary says

    It’s definitely not sanhoe

  27. umesh shenoy says

    Do we need to purchase PSN Plus to play this game ?

  28. Pranav Jham says

    Hi StormChaser

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