PUBG Xbox One S vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

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PUBG since its release for Xbox One consoles has already received 12 patchesh which greatly improved overall look and performance of the game. Let’s take a look how the game looks currently on both Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

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Nimbus by Eveningland
Eyes of Glory by Aakash Gandhi

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  1. well pubg on xbox got so much better now
    still could be better performance….
    but ps4 wouldnt even run it
    thats the sad truth
    i like both consoles
    hope they will more optimize it in a future

  2. Es mentira por q en la xbox one s noes asi es en la x q sebe de forme

  3. I don't care about graphics as long as I enjoy playing the game.

  4. This is a terrible game for showing the graphic fidelity of the x

  5. Guys the mobile version is not better , just imagin this on a SD 845 phone it will run like 5-10 fps consoles r way better

  6. You guys know that they remade the whole game on mobile to make it run better less items that's why it runs good

  7. Sounds like the PlayStation fanboys are just mad cause its not on their console😂😂😂

  8. When are you tubers going to learn that their thumbnail shit edits don’t fool anyone

  9. Is this a xbox 360 game? I just bought it today for my one s and it looks like a backward compatible 360 game

  10. Well at least it ain't really low ass graphics like my Potato PC.

  11. The One X has 6TFlops One S 1.4 i think..?

  12. For me I don’t have pop up textures on one s

  13. Graphics make the game look like as if it was a Xbox 360 game
    In my opinion I rather get Xbox one s (not because I’m a broke boy, but because I’m trying to get more accessories to come with the game, rather than spending all of my money and not get a single game or extra controller. Sure I could buy an Xbox one x bundle with a extra video game but those are pretty rare at my target) oof why I type so much hand cramping save me

  14. Ollé estás comparando una consola(Xbox one x) que es más potente que la otra (Xbox one s) si sabes que es mejor la Xbox one x TARADO

  15. Vcs sabia que a fabricação dos dois é a mesmo coisa única coisa que muda é o chip gráfico kkk safados…

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