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  1. Eric Stenzel says

    The end of professional and collegiate football has already begun. In less than five years audience viewership will reach all time lows.

  2. Cartier Rick says

    Michigan state y’all a second tier football program y’all not on the same level is Michigan the winnest program in college football history check the all time record between both programs

  3. spartygrad89 says

    Honestly have been disappointed with Lewerke all season. Was very hopeful he would be stellar but seemed to get worse. And to hear he had a shoulder injury. After seeing him miss
    multiple wide open receivers by at least 5 yards Dantonio should have switched to Lombardi.

  4. Bcuzimtan says

    Purdue – the One hit Wonder! Hitting OSU was a good hit though. Go Irish ☘️

  5. JOE Holan says

    MSU the giant killers beat a mediocre team at home whoopee!

  6. Cartier Rick says

    Lil brother

  7. R DULA says

    If Lombardi starts vs osu, they will win

  8. Neil O'Connor says

    I’m a rugby player from Ireland, I know I’ll take some stick but I really think that hit at 2.23 should be made illegal, you can blow someone up by aiming at the chest and putting your head to the side, looked to me as though he lost the ball owing to being put on Queer Street

  9. DaveConleyPortfolio says

    Rocky Lombardi plays like someone named Rocky Lombardi.

  10. Jeff Fulaytar says

    GG MSU! As a Purdue fan, I am a bit disappointed that we didn't play better, but hey, nothing I can do about that! Really looking good, good luck through the rest of the season!

  11. Chase Hatfield says

    The MSU I like to watch. Keep the Freshman QB as a starter

  12. Keydog Kong says

    The stiff arm 💪

  13. Kevin Lucas says


  14. Jason Dobson says

    Bet this will humble the Purdue chicken makers

  15. Nick Phelps says


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