Quada – Hail (Lyric Music Video)


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  1. clement reid says

    explosive artiste…Quadawellbad…tell move and gweh teacha !!!!

  2. Aljay Tapper says

    Tuff tuff song

  3. Omar Buckley says

    So bad bad

  4. Lorna Mckenzie says

    Sweaarrrr i love this man😩😍

  5. Yoland James says

    Always a supporter ur music touches much keep doin ur thing blood

  6. K says

    This song sends shivers down my spine…. 🙏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  7. L.T.W NATION says


  8. Mobz Fata says

    Booooom boooom booom me a nock one big tune deh

  9. Big Reem says

    Big Up Yuhself Quada Don🔥💯

  10. Scott Dinero says

    Gweh/Moooove with u hypocrite hail!

  11. Scott Dinero says

    Bumbo claat this hoooot
    Hitttt bah!bah!bah!

  12. Bana Africa says


  13. marie dickenson says

    Annuh hype dweet a sacrifice dweet 🤘🏾#move n Gweh 😃

  14. S.E. Motorsport says

    Up Up Up! Real Talk!
    "Gwaan Do U Ting And Nuh Give Up"
    Love The Medz

  15. EL Veva says

    Dweet me g el chap

  16. Mary Cato says

    Air max 95

  17. angel eyes says

    ringtone instant……

  18. Clive Chisholm says

    Top road quada. Still haffi give thanks to popcaan

  19. sin team says

    Madraass quada well badda the bom drop unruly foreva

  20. Omar Brown says

    Chan Dizzy did talk bout it a ready & mi glad how yuh come deal wid it again. Maddd!!!

  21. chad adams says

    bbc quada diss deh pan a next level

  22. Odane Williams says


  23. Bailey Bridgewaters says


  24. kimberly drummond says

    Another hit song ❤

  25. Glen 457 says

    Hot song 🔥😎🔥🔥

  26. Joshco Don says

    Well bad 💯

  27. Tia Woodrex says

    Shay boss love long life no joke ❤❤❤❤❤❤🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍾🍾🍾reflex

  28. Joshua Hamilton says

    love this song

  29. GULLYS1DE2 says

    baddest song yo. Hit me hard on a meds

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