Red Bull Quit Threat: Will They Really Go?

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We’re back for 2019! In this week’s Sunday Live, we’ll be discussing Red Bull’s latest quit threat and whether they might actually go through with it. We’ll also look at Lawrence Stroll’s ambitious plans for Racing Point and discuss Michael Schumacher as the 7-time world champion turns 50.

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  1. Stream Starts at 9:20
    Introductions: 10:27
    Red Bull Quit Threat and Honda Problems: 11:30
    Racing Point Targets: 32:01
    Lauda Update: 45:39
    Michael Schumacher Turns 50: 46:43
    Q & A: 1:04:43

    I will try and stop saying "ya know" lol.

  2. wait.. im 25 and Dan makes me feel old… Is it possible he just didnt watch f1 when he was a kid?

  3. Leaving aside recognisably red-mist driving, which he did even arguably only once, not one of us on this stream is qualified to assess, or even know, what it means for a driver of Schumacher's quality to turn an F1 wheel in anger. Very few people are. At the very least, you have to have been an F1 driver who knows what the white-hot competition of live battle feels like, to be able to offer an informed opinion on reflex times, instinctive responses, mental planning measured in microseconds, and so on. I can't imagine it, and I bet you can't either. And I would guess an Elio de Angelis or Jolyon Palmer can only say a little more than we can. So, what have other fine/great F1 drivers said? Does a single F1 driver, past or present, in those categories say he was a cheat? Of course not. They are, as far as I know, in awe of his natural ability, discipline, fitness and team leadership. Few can outdrive their car; but he did, again and again and again. And he changed F1 forever. (Oh, and Schumacher was beating Senna in those first six 1994 races, including Imola – I wanted Senna to come back at him, but imo Schumacher would still have won 1994 if Senna hadn't died.)

  4. Would Senna possibly have gone to Mclaren in time to take the titles Häkkinen won or would he have retired by then considering he would have been 38 at that point?

  5. If RBR didn't believe in Honda's Technology & Thought for one second it wasn't ready then why wouldn't they just leave them with STR for another year ?? They knew STR would have had the better engine or they wouldn't of swapped fact !! As for only being able to run maximum power for a handful of laps ?? Isn't that just the same as creating a "Party mode" where they have clearly lacked before !!

  6. been watching and a huge fan since 1982, and people can say whatever they want about schumacher, but every time it rained, i just hung my head knowing he was probably going to win, i wasn't a fan of ferrari or schui, but he has skills that few ever had

  7. Keep up the good work. I now get pretty much all my f1 news from your channel.

  8. Schumacher developing for 2014. Stop it. Lewis started with Mercedes in 2013. Schumacher got owned by Nico for 3 years running.

  9. engine vibrations are really really bad. coming from a mechanic / engine builder. just because of vibrations you can spin a bearing easy.

  10. I’m not even a Michael fan, but people don’t judge Senna in the same way, and he took Prost out to win the championship in an even more obvious way than Schumacher. Schumacher’s actions where desperate, but at least they weren’t premeditated like Senna’s

  11. scumacher not named as one of the greatest??? Wbat are you talking about?? Is it your own opinion.. i hear everybody talk about schumacher as one of the best… but free opinion:==)

  12. remember the ambitions from Honda 4-5 years ago…. But yes Racing point might fight for the champioship if Mercedes,Red bull and Ferrari pulls out…..

  13. So is this really RB sending a message to Liberty media and not really anything to do with the public?

  14. Informative and funny from the magnificent trio. Keep up the good work guys. On another note it would be good to have a female contributor.

  15. I think Ferrari might struggle winning a driver's championship next year Cos leclerc will be winning and taking points away from vettel. Lewis won't have that

  16. I think F1 can survive, and even deliver closer competition, if the 3big teams leave.

  17. Redbull can leave F1 if they want to but I think there will be a huge backlash on both parties, Redbull and F1. And as for the people complaining about Redbull complaining about Renault, Redbull absolutely has the right to. Don't forget they're paying Renault to deliver. Wouldn't you be mad if you ordered something online and it didn't work properly? It's not like Mclaren and Honda's relationship where Honda supplied Mclaren free engines and a few million dollars, yet Mclaren dictated everything and publicly humiliated Honda.

  18. I have a dream in which the F1 grid is made up of teams one associates with motorsports and not toxic energy drinks.

  19. I agree on your views on Lawrence Stroll snr. Quite sensible in keeping the business operations and money seperate. This current statement is savvy on many levels – an obvious bid for investors to join a team on the up, a signal to Liberty that he is on their page with respect to the sport whilst at the same time sending a little subtle message that any rule changes need to ensure he and non manufacturer teams need to be kept competitive or their money walks. Compare and contrast the positive way Stroll snr sends the same message that Marko sends with his bullying threat to leave. And he was able to bypass the 3 years no money clause successfully where many others haven’t. And agree he’s genuinely interested in the sport – there’s a lot to like about Stroll snr.

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