Removing paint from furniture with a heat gun

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Removing paint with a heat gun.

I have been a home owner for 20 years and have done plenty of painting and re-painting. I have always hated removing old paint and often just painted over the old paint. I can’t believe that I have never used a heat gun to remove paint before. It is really easy and I actually really like this method for removing paint.

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  1. I like the way you remove the paint off with heat gun, but other the weed removing, the gun uses is expensive, time taker, the bush cuter is the best way for weed removal.

  2. Cindy I"m about to do what you're doing in this video. Except i need to do it on concrete floor ….do i have any hope? thank you

  3. great video – love the weed idea as well…If you had to do it over would you buy a more expensive heat gun or do you like the one you have? I am interested in fusing plastic and PVC do you think it will handle that?

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