Resident Evil 2 Demo: Full Playthrough | PlayStation 4 | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage


Views: 1250 | Rating: 4.64 | View Time: 32:59 Minutes | Likes: 39 | Disslikes: 3

We played through Resident Evil 2’s full demo on PS4 Pro, and captured gameplay footage of all 30 minutes.

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  1. Push Square says

    Hey everyone!

    What did you think of the demo?

    – Sammy

  2. CEWIIH says

    My time finished literally as the first Licker crawled past the window in front of me. Talk about cliffhanger..! 😁

  3. SolidMGSnake says

    You can beat this demo in like less than 5 mins if you speed through it lol

  4. AWNA says

    Biohazard 7 psvr is a better experience…

  5. wazgood23 Gaming says

    Where is the demo it's not in the store

  6. Lumibear says

    Meets black dude – “Here Rookie, take my blood stained zombie brain covered hand!”
    Later – “Ok Rookie, the first thing we gotta do is brains, so you take the left brains and I’ll take the right brains, brains brains, brains, BRAAAIIINS!!!”

  7. khaledps009 says

    No one here all of the peaple gone to download it i did ply the demo but i think i might try it with a faster base this time becouse i know what to do this time i have a plan i well do it from another account 😉

  8. Marcus Blackstock says

    Wait why am I watching I'm downloading it right now 😂

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