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  1. Андрей Небогатиков says

    Хай, май нэйм из кыликалекис

  2. Fear Kratos says

    They only needed to add bikes to DriveClub and make it optional to have them in separate races.

  3. Farrukh R says

    oh so nowwwww consoles want to be like PC these days all of a sudden. i thought frame rate didn't matter huh?

  4. Mauricio Diaz says


  5. Anklesocks says

    So much frames…. so much winning👌👌👐

  6. edd boy says

    Ehh gt sport achieves a solid 60fps on base PS4 like this should be their aim

  7. LukiX 1 says

    Lie only pc can have more than 60fps

  8. C9 Autimatic says

    PS4 pro: 60fps gameplay
    PC: Hold my beer.

  9. satya Surya says

    I haven't done all mission / challenge on ride 2 and now ride 3 release ? Come on

  10. PC-Broke says

    WoW 60fps I cant believe that. How far has technology come ?

  11. xPei says

    ride 2 is better

  12. Alex Marchi says

    My laptop with a 940MX has 60 fps on this game. Why ps4 base can't handle that?

  13. The Legendary Ravioli 囟 says

    Racing games can never make you feel free like it does irl

  14. The Legendary Ravioli 囟 says

    Am I the only one who thinks the environment is just pure blend or is it just bad lighting? Environment quality looks like of driveclub which is pretty outdated.

  15. Pasan Jayasinghe says

    This is something to make a video about?

  16. DJ Statyk says

    Can someone explain the difference with PS4 and PS4 pro? I haven't owned a next gen console yet (I hate being like everyone else).

  17. Tiredofdumbfuks says

    I'd be surprised If it wasn't 60. I mean it's a PS4 and a racing game ffs

  18. Victor Ribeiro says


  19. ARVwerks says

    But it doesn't have manual Clutch option 🙁

  20. Ranjith Kumar says

    60 fps means continuous lubrication for your chain and wheel bearings


    75% PS4 GAME LOCK ON 30 FPS
    BUT IT'S DOESN'T MATTER LOOK AT DRIVECLUBE 30 FPS but our eye indicated 60fps

  22. LewisKingsley says

    Is there a triumph street triple

  23. Alcatraz 》 says

    I'm a PC gamer & I play most games on 60 fps or higher

  24. Dirk Scooby says

    Drinking game ahoyyyyy

  25. KCG - Kodie Collings Gaming says

    Add a "Road Rash" DLC where we can kick and punch other riders and get weapons such as chains and I'll buy it 😁

  26. Daniel Pindell says

    Make it PSVR compatible and it's a must buy for me. 👍👍

  27. 024DJF says


  28. niggasaki says

    Please add ducati scrambler

  29. John Silver says

    I honestly am baffled that someone has to explain why 60FPS are superior to 30FPS in a RACING GAME. Oh the humanity!!!

  30. Testarossaborch says

    Que no os engañen, lo primero que sepais que saldra en PC, Xbox y Playstatino 4 y si leeis un poco el enlace que os dan podreis ver que a este juego le va a pasar lo mismo que a otros tantos en play 4 pro o xbox one x, que habra modo resolucion, modo efectos visuales altos y finalmente modo de 60 fps pero con graficos bajos que es lo que os recomiendan, como si a los demas juegos no les viniera bien, deberia de ser un standard, soy jugador de pc y no os voy a decir que es que jugar a 144 fps… es la caña, sinceramente, 60 esta muy muy bien pero lo que en esta generacion no deberia de aceptarse son los 30fps, ni efecto cinematrografico ni leches, los juegos siempre iran mejor a 60 y tambien os digo, si este juego llegara en play 4 pro a 4k y 60 fps tranquilos que os lo estarian diciendo pero de eso bien que no dicen nada, por algo sera que existen esos modos de juego.

  31. Ahmad Izzuddin says

    Why cannot splitscreen?

  32. Pobos World says

    Can't wait to see digitalfoundry get their hands on this.

  33. Cream says

    It doesnt matter since the human eye can only see 14 bananas

  34. KRIBZ 45 says

    All racing games should be at 60fps its almost 2019 I cannot believe this is actually a selling point for a racing game its pathetic

  35. Akshay Kanojia says

    Moral :
    Frame rate doesn't changes your race position

  36. Abce Dex says

    Yaaaay… revolutionary 60 fps is coming to PS4 PRO in 2019…. finally…. and still console players will say that their boxes are more powerfull than PCs

  37. Rizki Ananda says

    but but human eyes can't see more than 30 fps

  38. MówPoLucku says

    "Just LIKE on the real bike"

  39. Claudio Andrei says

    Meh, gonna play it with my 2 1080's ti in 4k at 240 hz

  40. grassweed soul says

    I just used my money on parts for my bike, and had to drop crack now..anyway,the game is raw

  41. THE russian338 says

    HOL UP theres a RIDE 3 coming?

  42. Abhilash Das says

    60 FPS is so 2012

  43. shota nacvlishvili says

    Forza 4 is better

  44. Latha H says


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