Seed Saving Tips Episode 5 – Cuttings & Grafting Fruit Trees or Plants

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This is the fifth video in a 5 part series on seed saving for fruit and vegetable plants. In this episode (Ep5) I explain how I save plants in the category I call “Cuttings & grafting” from our food garden to grow more organic plants next season. This is the final episode in this series watch the first 4 eps here Happy gardening, cheers 🙂

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Self Sufficient Me is based on our small 3-acre property/homestead in SE Queensland Australia about 45kms north of Brisbane – the climate is subtropical (similar to Florida). I started Self Sufficient Me in 2011 as a blog website project where I document and write about backyard food growing, self-sufficiency, and urban farming in general. I love sharing my foodie and DIY adventures online so come along with me and let’s get into it! Cheers, Mark 🙂
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  1. Very informative series . I am from India and new to gardening but your videos have encouraged me with my avacados and mulberry and rosemary plants. Thank you so very much. Wishing you Very Happy Christmas and warm wishes for 2019. May you succeed in your endeavours.

  2. Good day,i saw on youtube,that you can use alovera gel from the plant itself,as a root hormone,and some honey

  3. Great series!! Thank you for the information! Liked every video 🙂

  4. If I get a cutting of a Rambutan tree, will it grow? Do all tree/plant cuttings grow or only specific ones?

  5. I love that you made this series and had different videos for each one. 👍

  6. thank you so much for putting this together Mark!!! <3

  7. Great series Mark. I hope you make other types of series.

  8. Great series. So glad you included cuttings. Meyer lemon is very easy to root. Take a cutting, stick in a potting soil and cover with a plastic bag. Produces lemons the 2nd year. For colder climates, put the rooted seedlings in a pot and protect in winter. Blackberries are easy to propagate by root cuttings.

  9. Absolutely 💞love 💞 watching your Chanel especially because you are around our area so I know what ever you grow we can too lol‼️ do you have a spreadsheet available for planting time of years ect and what works best in our area‼️

  10. started my first garden bed today, so excited!
    thanks for your videos and answers..
    you are inspirational 🙂

  11. Oh man I am so in love with you and your video's. You are a one stop shop for gardening and information. Thank you so much for your knowledge you share with us. I had never seen a dragon fruit plant before and to me they look like a cactus we grow here in Florida.

  12. "Come on people, keep up" I love watching your videos because they are so informative and you are so funny!

  13. Hi mark love your videos plan to be more self sefficient my self when I move to my 11 acre property on the far south coast , this series will really come in handy for me in the future but it would be great if you could do a bit more detail on grafting and how to do it maybe in a future ep 🙂 thanks

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