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  1. Max says

    Yeah just reminds me of Battlefield, nothing ground breaking like Fortnite was, oh well A for effort I guess 😂👌Nice try Activision your games will still be at the bottom with no one playing lol

  2. Hater TheCreator says


  3. I Roll Dice says

    There’s 140

  4. RaptorAssasin FN says

    Its 1000times nuketown

  5. UnsatisfiedGamoerz says

    i wanna see a serious cod, cause this looks insane with the high buildings and cqb areas, it could actually make for some really good team play in this, it won't be just run and gun like multiplayer cause in cod the health bar is pretty low, so if you get hit once you take a lot of damage so not many people are gonna aggro

    IF they add preset classes in the beginning like juggernaut, medic, assault, sniper, marksman or someshit that you can pick and then customize this would make this game have such a replayability value it might go esports

  6. moonz says

    Battle “Royal”

  7. Kenneth Pimentel says

    The COD hit box might be a problem

  8. Dillon K says

    Its Battle Royale not battle royal lol

  9. Xpert Snipz says

    Way to fucking ruin call of duty. So fucking retarded. Why cant we just keep call of duty the same. Campain, Multiplayer, and Zombies. So god damn stupid

  10. Ursu Flavian says

    It wouldn't kill off multiplayer because it's so much people in the community

  11. Aaronjay99 ••• says

    He pauses it way to fucking much😂

  12. if it's free, it's for me says

    Fix the typo in the title *ROYALE

  13. CraverCuts says

    Battlefield BR will kill pubg

  14. YaZZa says

    there will be 140 player on the map…

  15. Toby Paul says

    I’m excited for a COD br, I always thought they had the best gun mechanics.

  16. lunx BaSick says

    So basically it’s going to play Battlefield right?

  17. ROBLOX LegOnd27 says

    LOL. COD is now turning their game into even more trash. They turned their game into a futuristic world and now they're adding a BR system to compete with other games. Smh, they need to come up with more original ideas cause their game has already been going downhill.

  18. RisingAssassin says

    Honestly this seems like it's gonna be a ton of fun. Helicopters, drones, riot shields. Looks like we have our PUBG killer.

  19. Second says

    It says battle royal not battle royale

  20. The Lordbantsalot says

    BO4 battle royale looks like battle field ngl

  21. Bribery Slave says

    Battle royale is gonna be 16-24 players it's obvious they really don't show more then a few people on the map at once which is why I think it's going to be weird which is why the beta they had been running was 18 players in China. I like the cod twist but with the beta they've been running I don't see it being a huge number of people on the map and the graphics I see really dumbed down also. The multiplayer is terrible because they based it around overwatch and rainbow six which is sad they can't come up with their own thing. Those free cod points you get with the preorder will go more towards the battle royale skins camo's and so on I'm so laughing at how they stole from every other major games out. When the beta comes out do you see both multiplayer n BR bring played? I'm always open to developers bringing their own style to a game but I think with three developers in the cycle each game is going to not feel like cod and take away from what the fan base wants which is why we get a weird feeling from each new cod like it's missing something.

  22. Jesus Alvarez says


  23. benjidope says


  24. Roberto Aslanis says

    Shit my grates are bad Now theire gonna be worse

  25. Jake Sachse says

    Someone tell Shroud to shut the fuck up and watch the video

  26. SluggerBuilds says

    I’m gonna kill my self if he keeps pausing it

  27. Crimson says

    Isn't a mod but alright

  28. T A N K K says

    This is fortnite, battlefield , rainbow six siege , overwatch in one.. Brah…

  29. Dud3rl1kesanime gaming? says


  30. Oscar Nilsson says

    it's called a "mode"… not a "mod"

  31. F3adeA3way says

    Wow idk but this is like a little bit rainbow six siege but still good game

  32. grandbaka says

    Shroud must have never played CoD cause he doesn't tall about nun of the characters from the other CoDs

  33. SirPoptarts says

    The BR is 140+ players btw

  34. SirPoptarts says

    Why tf do you have mod in the title, its not a mod idiot smh

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