Shroud Reacts To NEW Snow PUBG Map Preview – Vikendi


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  1. Joker not Clown says

    Wadu always hiding in the top

  2. Jay Santillano says

    Why can't they add arcade mode to PC –___– its so fun

  3. Justin says

    The new map is of lots of fun but won't change the fact that old issues especially cheating still exist

  4. Curb your Meme says

    Our god intrested

  5. i hate my profile picture says

    CS:GO BR > Vikendi


    Will shroud play PUBG again?

  7. Van Helden says

    LOL they just took RoE's map design… gg

  8. Duy Cao says

    It’s all Ring of Elisyum all over again

  9. P1NK M1NT says

    This map needs way more snow! It's barely covering the ground for fuck sake, neither the trees…. I want snow covered paths instead of bare roads.

  10. MADGAMERS 050 says

    I bet that Wadu Will play this map

  11. Ab hay says

    Shroud is waiting for this map

  12. SoS Beats says

    Reminds me of Italy

  13. Đen4ik The BŘO says

    Vikendi in pubg.!

  14. Pirate Amigo says

    I got a T-Series ad wtf.

  15. Ali Major 666 says

    he must spend morw time with his dog

  16. Mirailess m says

    Title should be ''shroud and his dog react to pubg's new snow map preview''

  17. Stuart Turner says

    Greatest 1v1 shroud vs doggo

  18. Dhars says

    You can have a nice looking map, but what's the point of the gameplay is shit. Gunplay is bad, it needs a rework.

  19. Irishgamer01 says

    Err angle? Thats not how its pronounced. ERR in gale is how its pronounced.

  20. r v says

    I watched a youtube video in which someone was watching a youtube video

  21. Ajay ___ says

    The dog wanna play with him *

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