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Garrett Adelstein is at it again, this time on Live At The Bike in a $25/50 game that’s playing pretty big. He defends his big blind with a questionable hand, but gets just the runout he was looking for. Andy is not sure what to make of it when Garrett starts checkraising and bombing the river. Should he stick around with his top pair?

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  1. Chris Duke says

    8:48 Heeeeeelarious!!!!! The speed of a call doesn't mean Sh#%, LOL.

  2. BA Baracuda says

    Call with AA but not with a Q? What is the difference between AA, Qx or an other PP? On that River he has the Boat or he has not imo

  3. Thomas Minder says

    learn so mouch

  4. Mad1Lee says

    I would say you can just get away from the raise this big on the turn almost always. After turn check raise and this river bet I am happilly folding everything except boats. This "Garrett has loose image" shit is just non-sense, dudes play like 300 hands together and Garrett runs hot during those hands and suddenly he is a loose bluffy animal. When in reality it seems he is just exploiting those fishy stations all the way with big bets with nutted hands when he suspects they have a strong hand.

  5. mcpartridgeboy says

    off topic but why does the food at this place always look so bad, i thought asinos had good food, what a rip off

  6. Thomas Minder says


  7. Marcel C says

    Sunglasses like those on the face of that scrawny indian fellow have zero place at a poker table what is this ludicrous shit.

  8. Robert Bialozynski says

    If you look for Joe Navarro's micro expressions you'll notice Garett did a micro wince on his right cheek when he called the flop. Then on his turn c/r he had a micro of the guilty smirk on his right cheek. Lastly, he started eating when he was done betting. Obviously, the eating could've been a reverse tell, but it was funny to me how straightforward this hand was according to what Navarro teaches assuming we didn't know anyone's whole cards. If I was in Andy's spot….. well, I'm not, and that made it easy to analyze.

  9. Andrew Gomez says

    Garrett called flop fast. But Garrett is a pretty loose player.. A quick call with a two is completely in his range. In fact, if he has greater than a middle pair he is almost always likely to raise and never snap call.

  10. Bobo z says

    15:15 fold queens. good strat doug

  11. Ismail Faizi says

    Fantastic analysis! U deserve all the success and thank you for helping me be a better poker player. 馃憤

  12. Orion's Belt says

    Doug Says Invest In BITCONNECT!

  13. david koresh says


  14. veri745 says

    Skip the talky talky 2:23

  15. slavmart says

    WTF is "Happy Holidays"?

  16. pinko pallino says

    ahah well done with the bag 馃榾

  17. baabaabaabaaable says

    Doug I need to take a shit mate

  18. Michael Galle says

    : )

  19. slave trader says

    like poker so ez…fishes stacking off 600bbs with one pair.

  20. slave trader says

    bets 24k on river and eats his $2 spegetti like a boss.

  21. Blaze says

    I'll snap fold the sec i saw him start eating all chill n shit just sayin'

  22. ian schmidt says

    You muck 109o from the co to a single raise?? Hard to believe

  23. Ryan Newby says


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  24. Josey Wales says

    good analysis as always but I'm a but surprised you didn't comment on Garrett casually chowing down after his big river bet. Granted it could be a deception but it is a behavior generally indicative of strength

  25. Truman Yee says

    Hey Doug I know your investing in crypto, and just wondering if your have looked at Funfair; and how this can affect the way high stakes poker is going to be played online.

  26. nick tassone says

    Doug they also forgot "Never call someone who is eating" as soon as he bets 24k he starts eating. So strong! lol.

  27. Stanime 306 says

    i like your shirt. I can relate to it.

  28. Isaiah 55:1-13 says

    16:45 Notice that Garrett proceeds to take a bite of his spaghetti. I believe the noodles were al dente. Sauce–also, marinara.

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