Spyro Reignited Trilogy Live Stream (PS4) Part 22


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I am a proud Yorkshireman who enjoys playing first and third person shooters, western based rpgs and platforming games. I previously recorded PS4 games but since October 2017 I have switched to live streaming directly from PS4. If u like watching someone foul up on normal difficulty incurring numerous epic fails especially driving, flying, stealth and (coughs) ladders then this is the perfect channel for u.

There are rules u must adhere to as this is a PG-13 channel despite playing 16 and 18 rated games:

1. Keep swearing to a minimal
2. No religious, political, sexual or racist talk
3. English only in chat
4. Be considerate to all members in chat
5. No spoilers
6. No self-promotion of your channel unless u become a regular.
7. Always respect a moderator’s decision

If u break any of these rules, u will receive a warning, then 2 time outs and finally a ban depending on the severity of the comment.

Take care and enjoy.

Twitter – www.twitter.com/zarak002

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