Start Exercising Gradually For Weight Loss

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Sure, I know I know you would love to start working out at the gym, exhausting yourself cycling in a speed rally every afternoon, but come on isn’t it hard to see yourself doing that. Don’t you think that real reason why you have not started exercising is because it simply seems unrealistic to picture YOU doing it?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start working out step by step without being SORE and unable to walk for the next three days?

I tried to start working out with one of those sets of DVDs while I was 100 pounds overweight like YOU may be right now.
I ended up shutting it off halfway through it because it was ridiculously hard. I mean REALLY? A jump squat? There was no way that the 215 pound me could do that.

I knew though I had to do something, my husband was cheating on me, I was devastated and not to mention miserable with myself. So after I was divorced, I started going out, but not even getting a second glance from a guy. No dates, I was going to die a single mom that was going to die alone.

You know your life is worth a lot to you and to those who love you. You know its time for a change.
I see you strong and healthy and living an amazing independant life.
To see your kids get older. To travel one day. But if you don’t start MOVING and doing anything to change, you know you are never going to have the energy or stamina to live the life you long for in the future.

What if you could start moving and feel better bit by bit every day just like i did 11 years ago. The problem with most training or physical fitness programs is that they jump right into things your body and your lifestyle are not ready for yet.

I want us to start together bit by bit and make some small changes that will make every day ahead SO much better for you.

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