STUKA Vs Airfield (IL-2 BOS)

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  1. The opening day of operation Barbarossa on June 22, 1941 during ww2 saw stunning German Luftwaffe attacks on Russian red air force aircraft on the ground at airfields and in the skies destroying hundreds if not thousands of Russian planes. Germans had air supremacy for a while, later things got tougher when the Russians got on track again

  2. WTF ? You are good!😀,Stop crying your Heart out…..

  3. Brilliant! Loved it, got to see the machine gun pods, huge bomb, dogfighting, kills, scary escape and somehow you made it back and it looks like the gunner was also still alive!

  4. As the allied aircraft improved the Stuka became less relevant

  5. The Stuka was outdated when the war started….Not on the Eastern Front, though…..very slow but because of this it could turn well

  6. Nice movie! High quality and very nice variation of the point of views! 🙂 You've could easily shooted the last russian aircraft if you hadn't sprayed all your ammunition on the second aircraft. Try using a little bit of right/left rudder while firing to aim for the wings , you need less bullets to destroy the A/C!

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