Surfing Jupiter Inlet Florida. Shortboard. Family Travel Vlog. FL Vlog Chapter 4

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The day finally came, I was able to surf at Jupiter Inlet. The rest of the fam went to the mall since it was a pretty stormy day. Waves were super fun, lot’s of closeouts but didn’t inhibit a good time. Awesome in Florida how you don’t need any wetsuit in November on a stormy day.

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  1. Man, you really know how to have a good time. Great video!

  2. Hi, I am also a family vlogger and really like to see other family vloggers on youtube! So glad that you are vlogging. It is really great to see so many family vloggers posting on youtube at the moment. Good luck with your youtube career!!!!

  3. Cool Vlog! What’s your favorite part about vlogging?

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