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Live Application of Tonic Polish’s new shades!!! These are releasing July 1st and the three “basic” shades, Empress Undies, Pepper Indies and Sapphire will now always be available as core shades.
Then the beautiful new original unicorn pee shade, Empress is limited, so just one bottle per person please.

Which are your favorites?

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Product descriptions:

The new Tonic basics!
Releasing July 1 and joining our lineup of always-in-stock essentials that also includes Detox, Jinkx, Happy Beginning, and Tonic Topper top coat.

Sapphire $10
A deep sapphire blue shimmer with a lovely glow! Fully opaque in 1 coat.

Pepper Undies $9
A grey(ish) cream to match our previously released Unicorn Pee polish, Pepper. Opaque in 2 coats. Great used as a base for Pepper, our Unicorn Pee toppers, or used on its own!

Empress Undies $9
A purple cream to match our new Unicorn Pee polish, Empress. Opaque in two coats. A great base for Empress, under our Unicorn pee toppers, or used in its own!

Empress – $15
Our newest edition to the Tonic Unicorn Pee family! A purple crelly with a strong red-gold-green shifting shimmer (known as the original Unicorn Pee pigment). Very sheer on the first coat but builds nicely with 2-3 coats.

First batches releasing July 1, with a small restock planned for August. One bottle per person please.

Tulip Nail Art:

Tropical Floral + Stripes:

Neon Marble Nails:

Rainbow Gradient Nails:

Fall ikat nail art:

💜Products were sent to me for photography and color swatching.

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  1. Judy Hoffmann says

    Beautiful colours! 😍
    Empress Undies is my fave 💕💕

  2. Britt H says

    These look extraordinarily shiney and beautiful. ❤️

  3. Ann King says

    I really like your swatches! But it would be nice if your live swatch lighting wasn't so dark but as bright as your hand pose lighting.

  4. Ellen Hodson says

    The blue polish was my favourite as I think the other ones are a bit to dark for me.Thank you for showing them.

  5. Shannon Curtis says

    Stunning as usual. Thanks for sharing these and have a good rest of the day!😉

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