[Switch / 3DS / Wii U] How To Make Your Own Amiibos


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In this video I’ll be showing you how to create your own Amiibo cards using NTAG215 cards/stickers. You need either an Android phone or a 3DS to do this. In both cases, you need at least one NTAG215 card. Below I have a few links that you can use to buy NTAG215 cards. You can buy them from other places, but if you don’t like searching, here you go.

NTAG215 Cards (Amazon):
NTAG215 Cards (Alibaba):
Thenaya Package:
Thenaya Package (Mirror):
Phones With NFC List:
TagMo Package:
TagMo Package (Mirror):
Amiibo BINs:

Q: Can you rewrite/reuse the cards?
A: No, once the cards are locked with the keys, they cannot be rewritten.

Q: How long does hacking the 3DS take?
A: Not as long as it did before- probably less than an hour.

Q: How much do NTAG215 cards cost?
A: They’re very cheap. Less than $1 per tag. They’re cheaper if you buy them in larger amounts.

Q: Will NTAG213/NTAG216 cards work?
A: No, only NTAG215 will work. Make sure you buy these.

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  1. Dang Gucci says

    According to the data sheet for the NTAG215, they have a 10,000 read/write lifespan, and can be rewritten. How can you NOT exchange the code on the NFC chip to a different value, if it's literally in the data sheet saying that you can?

    Just curious. I'm going to try myself tonight.

  2. Fused2Gaming says

    Will I be able to Overwrite Amiibo I already have using the 3ds method?

  3. MCGamer says

    When I try to write with a 3ds after 25% it says "write page returned a NAK 0" and the amiibo is corrupted

  4. Silver Fox says

    Would NTAG213 work with Tagmo and switch? They're very cheap 0.23€ each so it thought that was cheap

  5. Hamed Khan says

    Amiibo bin link is not working

  6. weird guy that want more games for new 3ds says

    How about the amiibo_key.bin ??

  7. CRYTRAX says

    Can I use Them on citra

  8. Chuck Castle says

    Question, we got a 3ds off ebay that has homebrew on it already unsure if it has the Thenia part though as I dont have it in front of me right now, if it doesnt do i still have to install homebrew? or how can i put that TH app in it?

  9. Team Awesomeness says

    will these work with kirby planet robobot?

  10. Javier Hernández Ares says


  11. Gaming1 Expert says

    Can We Use Amiibo Figurines To Change Or Overwrite

  12. CookieBog says

    Would the NFC Chip inside the Super Mario Cereal Box work?

  13. Sparky7198 says

    Thank you very much! your video was quite helpful!

  14. It's Omega says

    cockcockcockcockcock? hmmm ive never got that

  15. TheLizardking 927 says

    The amiibo bin link is dead

  16. Nico Rz says

    Amiboo bins are dead

  17. legend of the tiger says

    You need to root?

  18. RetroDead says

    Can I use the Android method to replace amiibo data?

  19. xolumpy - says

    My tagmo app cant find the locked-secret.bin or unfix-info.bin, they are definitely on my phone, help?

  20. nyrican8721 says

    Is there a retail store that sells the nfc cards

  21. Blue Sphere Guy says

    how do i reset ma tag?

  22. Shane Cunningham says

    The link to the amiibos no longer works can you share the files you have installed

  23. Alex Sal979 says

    I’m surprised you are the only person I’ve seen that has shown the 3ds method

  24. Shu Saura says

    hello DarkFlare i was just watchin you video and went to thenaya github page to get the most recetly files but the archives there only have thenaya.cia thenaya.3dsx and thenaya.smhc, i didnt find the boot.3dsx and where can i find the amiibo_key.bin?

  25. Plasma says

    I keep getting an "Unable to parse amiibo info" error message.

  26. Sky7734 says

    The Amiibo bin download link doesn't work

  27. Mike Duijghuisen says

    DarkFlare please. You can code, please make a 3ds and wii u homebrew app that “simulates” amiibo. What I mean by this is Button combo>Menu>Hold A on selected amiibo dump>Fake scan>Release A>Fake release. Please. Everybody would benefit from that. You would have amiibos without amiibos.

  28. Jeffry Scott Valdez says

    Chaosgaming is dead FUCK

  29. Berzerker Jr says

    Were is the loctation if the bins in the server

  30. Alex Sal979 says

    Can I use súper Mario cereal amiibo for these

  31. Daniel Alexis Paulin H. says

    how much can take to read the NFC tag?

  32. jeth says

    1:56 "CockCockCockCockCockCockCock"

  33. CamiloJTM says

    I love that music…I don't know why…

  34. Michael Lin says

    Does anyone have the amiibo library? Also, if you have it, upload it and provide an IPFS hash so we don't have to deal with DMCAs.

  35. Nairith Kalale says

    Can we have an updated link of bin files

  36. Thinhhdk says

    Can I use 25mm nfc ntag 203?

  37. Lazaro Ledon says

    The link for tagmo isn't working :/

  38. Rioichi1989 says

    Does the NFC cards work also? They have ones that say 215.

  39. SmashyPlays says

    how to get homebrew FBI on 11.6!!?!?/1/1

  40. mastersomething says

    I have an question i have a king dedede amiibo that i dont want to use can i change it to a link amiibo?

  41. Shadow the Animator says

    How I get a NFC card

  42. Comic n' Stuff says

    Is there a way I can do this with the amiibo statue or model its self instead of the card

  43. Wiked Creepyhouse says

    can i use a power tag

  44. ƛгcαηιηє says

    Can you delete the amiibo data of one of your nfc catds and put other data in the nfc card?

  45. Zangoose95 says

    Where do you get the key files for amiibo that aren't included in the download?

  46. Kidany Cabral says

    is there a fix for the red screen with thenaya..

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