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  1. sophia m says

    lmao my ass thought this was gonna be a 360 video so i started clicking around on it

  2. esraa kelany says

    you're amazing

  3. Bunnyy says

    i want her bod with some boobs 😂
    i know it’s not attainable without plastics…

  4. Michael H says

    She is GORGEOUS


    Ok sorry but they are still hung up on the skinny look, it's just skinny with muscle!! Models are still pressurised into being tiny so let's not fool anyone here!

  6. Алёна Григоренко says

    I don't care about her body (i think it's due to genes and youth only)after video from Coachella she's disgusting .

  7. Isabelle Moloney says

    I really admire women who aren't afraid to do weight training. I think its so empowering ❤

  8. sbsgirl says

    yes girl

  9. Teen Generation says

    Her and lily rose are my favorite models

  10. K Palmer says

    I love her!!!!

  11. Bryan Correa says

    maybe I sign legally Victoria secret injection

  12. Edson MORALES says

    Love you girl

  13. 丸岡築志 says

    Love it!

  14. Mwrw 1 says

    It is hard to do if you don't have a personal trainer

  15. Andriy Kyrychenko says

    ,i dont belive she makes herself, its more luck of nature

  16. Candice Swanepoel Love Victoria’s Secret says

    Very nice😀❤️👍!

  17. India Fulcher says

    When people say a model looks starved and unhealthy it’s the same as saying something negative about someone who’s overweight, and it’s not going to achieve anything except make people in the comments feel shit about their body. People need to wrap their heads around the fact that people can be fit and healthy and still be fat or skinny, because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. All types of body shaming are bad, and can really make someone feel like shit, and it needs to stop regardless of how it’s intended. All body types are beautiful, and the people who can’t see that need to stop trying to fix other people and instead fix themselves.

  18. Esha Shujau says

  19. Lindsey CV says

    she really is beautiful and not only that, but it shows that she is a very healthy model, she is a true model💙

  20. Ashley Odell says

    Colorado girl💕🏔

  21. Shoaib Sheikh says


  22. a.k.a says

    You are beautiful!

  23. Durianrider Cycling Tips says

    I got obese eating like Taylor and you can see in my videos!

  24. Gabriela Gomes says

    Linda 😍😍😍

  25. Abiroba Shadab says

    I thought it would be a workout tutorial. Click bait.

  26. Liz Exists says

    What do you mean, not afraid to keep the weight a little lighter and do high reps? That's common for models – it makes them really toned without bulking too much.

  27. Loom Geek says

    I love her fitness philosophy the most. She eats like an athlete. She focuses on strength rather than the skinny look.

  28. Avi Raj says

    My all time Crush <3 :*

  29. prince_ depp says

    So friggin cute LOVE HER!😂😍

  30. Jimena Bardales says

    I love you you are fantastic and so beatiful

  31. Steffi says

    I love her! She is super motivating and real. And also for sure, she is stunning!

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