Tfue HATES the *RARE* “NOG OPS” SKIN and Explains WHY Fortnite


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Tfue Explains why he HATES “NOG OPS” *RARE* SKIN in Fortnite

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  1. Fortnite Bruh says

    "i wIsH I haD nOg OpS foR mY vIdS"

  2. Adonis Mehmeti says

    Forinte is dead Bruh

  3. Ńāťé says

    0:00 fall damage is stream sniping

  4. egames6803 says

    THE RARE next day later

  5. Lil Copper YT says

    Who else thinks about how triggered tenser is

  6. Natalie Walkden says


    Read more

  7. The Misty Gamer says

    Fuck you Tofu

  8. Zayed Alhammadi says

    Boi Tfue Is A bot

  9. Xxdarren1987xX 31yo says

    Lol all this kids think Christmas skins are rare

  10. Dire Wolf says

    Poor ninja 0:02

  11. Luis Epic says

    This channel is trash

  12. Durr Burger says

    So if someone kills ninja he is automatically the best fortnite player people who think that are bots

    No one be toxic in comments

  13. Nick The Man says

    Wait? Nog ops is rare??? I honestly know maybe 2 people who don’t have it….

  14. K_MoallimOnFleek says

    The guy at 2:30 his edit almost gave me a heart attack

  15. This broken clip will get 1,000 view s says

    Who else remembers when when the OG Myth wore a Christmas sweater?

  16. Lil Zimbuhh says

    Damn brother chronic clan out here doing big things😂

  17. Tempor Rage says

    This guy hates fucking everything

  18. Fading - says

    The nog ops is my Favirot the ultiment rare bot skin is ghoul trooper

  19. TSM-TFUE Gg says

    4:45 mongral got the gayest rage

  20. JustGame says

    4:20 watch in slow mo, he hits his head at point blank that should have been a 150+ head shot easily. Clearly shotguns still need some consistency updates

  21. *woomy* says


  22. Commander Chickeen Nugget says

    Insert dirty joke here 9:23

  23. Ivik Nielsen says

    What is the outro song?

  24. Mohammed Nooh says

    Vsn somebody gift me a skin i never get battle pass frommy mom my gamer id is zabzab2

  25. Private Name says

    mongraal is a sweaty piece of shit

  26. Glttt Jaylen says

    Ninja is the biggest bot

  27. Drooku says

    No one would ever take my nog ops from me, I own that skin

  28. Dylan Clark says

    He's just mad his account got banned and he lost everything including nog ops LMAO

  29. Mariela Lufker says

    I think Ninja awalys make excuses when he's dies

  30. LazarMeme XL says

    Please no hate but I don't like nog ops or yuletide ranger

  31. Fruity Gamer FTW says

    Call me an idiot but what's a bot

  32. TSG_Greenstorm910 ! says

    Mongrall is hot trash

  33. DLC CODY says

    Comment on this if you clicked on the video right when you got the notification!!

    Btw I'm not a big you tuber:(

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