Tfue HATES the *RARE* “NOG OPS” SKIN and Explains WHY Fortnite

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Tfue Explains why he HATES “NOG OPS” *RARE* SKIN in Fortnite

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  1. So if someone kills ninja he is automatically the best fortnite player people who think that are bots

    No one be toxic in comments

  2. Wait? Nog ops is rare??? I honestly know maybe 2 people who don’t have it….

  3. Damn brother chronic clan out here doing big things😂

  4. The nog ops is my Favirot the ultiment rare bot skin is ghoul trooper

  5. 4:20 watch in slow mo, he hits his head at point blank that should have been a 150+ head shot easily. Clearly shotguns still need some consistency updates

  6. Vsn somebody gift me a skin i never get battle pass frommy mom my gamer id is zabzab2

  7. No one would ever take my nog ops from me, I own that skin

  8. He's just mad his account got banned and he lost everything including nog ops LMAO

  9. Please no hate but I don't like nog ops or yuletide ranger

  10. Comment on this if you clicked on the video right when you got the notification!!

    Btw I'm not a big you tuber:(

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