The Division 2 Open Beta Bug Compilation (Xbox One S)


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  1. G4ns4n says

    A normal The Division Game nothing special same bugs as in TD1, but rly guys do u think they do it better with TD2 ….. rly …. i mean it´s Uglysoft! All i can say get on the Hypetrain and give Ubisoft your money for the next not finished Game that they can produce more of this bugfest Games.

  2. Bassam Hussein says

    Send the video to ubisoft plz . on ps4 pro same problems

  3. Jdm Kobe says

    When I played it yesterday the audio kept degrading until I couldn't hear anything at all. literally nothing. And another bug I encountered was npc texture rendering. They looked like they were straight out of a ps1 game or even Roblox characters. Got high hopes for this masterpiece

  4. Ro Sh says

    It's good to play when you'are stoned . Extra fun from develepers tho 😛

  5. ICT says

    Invisible walls are more bugs in game 😀 Game is broken 😀

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