The Ground Just Shook (EARTHQUAKE EVENT)..!


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  1. notnot123 says

    Next season is gonna be elements

  2. CTS Blank. says

    dino stone age

  3. TH3 CHALLENGER says

    That's a long ass intro

  4. Emiliano Hernandez says

    I feel like polar peek and greasey is gonna crack in the earthquake

  5. 100% 9 year old hakakhaka says

    what if I said that the intro was better than the whole video except it

  6. luis sanchez says

    Best intro ever

  7. Francisco Flores says

    Cool videos

  8. Mystic Pancras says

    Now this is the best fortnite news channel

  9. Vinnie Smalls says

    6:00 it hit his hand mate

  10. prankster_gangster 51 says

    Well there are some people who think there will be a volcano

  11. XxCROSS SANSxX says

    Everytime an irl and fortnite earthquake happens someone rage quit

  12. soulman2008 1 says

    That intro tho

  13. Fiery 150bee says

    It is not a earth quake it is ur mom walking into your room saying get off fortnite

  14. Can we get 10,000 subs with an Egg says

    Sub to my channel.

  15. Can we get 10,000 subs with an Egg says

    Sub to my channel.

  16. Can we get 10,000 subs with an Egg says

    Sub to my channel

  17. Taj Shulenburg says

    So cool

  18. asdrygaming says

    Of course this happens after the Alaska earthquake winter of 2018

  19. Front Linez says

    S H O O K


  20. skatenader1234 9067339 says


  21. Unicycle Man82 says

    I’m gonna say da nword

    Nintendo 64 Mario wii

  22. Izaiah Quintos says

    it happen to me and my friends

  23. Izaiah Quintos says


  24. ItzCraig Boi says

    Imagine it's not really a earthquake and there is something actually coming out of the ground

  25. Clementine says

    I saw if u say random three.times u will get a pin and a likene

  26. Yadey Moo says

    Tefue finaly has skin!!!!!!!😛😀😀

  27. Crazy0_yoboi says

    Hams thiu

  28. ঊ҉sʜɪʙᴇʟ L says

    69 idk

  29. Christian Mendozaruiz says

    1:41 the guy looks at his gun like the gun made that noise

  30. Ali A says

    One time I did a sky base and fell of because of an earthquake 😢

  31. DiRk NoWiTzKi says

    2:10 the best

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