The Home Depot Clearance Tool Deals – Sunday Funday !


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The Home Depot Clearance Tool Deals – Sunday Funday with the #VeryCoolGang we find the best clearance tool deals at the home depot!

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  1. John Pak says

    I like to see home depot bankruptcy.

  2. Raj Dann says

    Your the that destroyed stuff u mean…

  3. Raj Dann says

    hey anyone wanna get me some stuff for thx giving???

  4. ichiban2point0 says

    Sept 21st tool wars suggest Ryobi brushless 3 speed impact driver with the 6ah battery against Renman's DeWalt brushless 887 impact driver. I wanna see Ryobi win at least one tool war and see another DeWalt impact be destroyed. Lol. If not a DeWalt, how bout any Harbor freight tool vs Ryobi. A wins a win.

  5. Raj Dann says

    Yo what deal is there…?

  6. Therealphantomzero says

    Watching the video late, been mad busy but still getting you the views lol. Trying to find them deals trying to see what's up. I need more lights though

  7. kingofthecrease30 says

    what renaissance man keeps forgetting is when you buy made in china stuff like milwaukee or ridgid or ryobi then technically you are supporting american workers cuz they have the corporate hedquarters here in the states and the people that work there have to get paid…buying tools pays their salaries…milwaukee reps in the home depot stores get paid by us buying the tools….so american workers are getting supported by buying tools made in china. #justsayin

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