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THE MUTANT – PUBG Mobile’s NEWEST WEAPON & GRIP| Powerbang Gaming
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The MK47 Mutant is almost here – In addition, a new grip called the Laser Sight will be coming to PUBG Mobile very soon! Sneak peek of 0.10.0 coming at you right now!

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  1. Powerbang Gaming says

    This gun could be interesting. First impression is: hard to use effectively.

  2. Nazeef Sheikh says

    Last one was legendary one!!!😂 TNX for the information of the new gun…💕

  3. GamesOnPrince &More says

    Whoaahh! All ur enemies are noobs!😂😂😂

  4. Smritinath Mallick says

    You Kill many Bots in your North America Server, Please Play in our server Asia…😠😠😠😠

  5. orangecrush922 says

    You should make a video with The Bushka he breaks it down to the atom.

  6. game tags says

    First person you killled he had mk47

  7. LDSxShotzX says

    there was one in the crate of the first person u killed

  8. Phoenix Army says

    Mutant was in u r first kill dead body!!!
    U blind man u saw it first but u didn't pick it up and when u r fighting with him he picked it up!!!

    BLIND PB!!!

  9. Morgan McCaul says

    Maybe it's just rare on sanhok, or as you said a very rare rifle

  10. Anonymous says

    When I got on pubg it’s not on there

  11. Sydney Dews says

    level fucking 11?

  12. johan lopez says

    When is this comings

  13. Matthew MS says


  14. Mohammad Abdurahsi says

    From coc to pubg. You rock powerbang!

  15. SONofGOD says


  16. Federico Andrade says

    I'm scared! Laser on & day/night mode 😮 lol sup pb thanks for always keeping us up to date 🔥

  17. noobs perspective says

    What kind of mic is that he's using

  18. The Overlord says

    Why there's no more handcam?

  19. PoopBucket 3000 says

    I don’t have this gun or the winter stuff is this Chinese version or preview for you tubers or some pls tell me

  20. Mario Smith says

    Powerbang what ur pubg name

  21. Nataly Gurrola says

    Whole lotta Gang Shiet

  22. Shamar Moore says

    go back to 11:55 you will see that he past the mk 47

  23. King Arun says

    Bruh The 1st guy u killed had THE THING !

  24. Fion Kunz says

    in 12:50 someone shoot with new weapon xD

  25. Arunram Murugaiah says

    You trolled that last guy.. he was seriously chasing you though..😆

  26. vîpér45 LKR says

    Happy tat u r back…😁👏

  27. damian alix says

    Make a giveway

  28. MirLinDD says

    I love this gun best ar (claw player btw)

  29. MirLinDD says

    I made a recoil video for this gun

  30. taps031204 says

    When is it going to be realesed global

  31. ODDY 786 says

    Whom you killed first, he was having mk41😣😣😣

  32. Yami Maou Gaming says

    How can you see this fog bro

  33. SIMON GEORGE says

    Hey btw pb it's a DMR but guys at tencent have put it in the wrong place at armory and all the people saying they don't like go use it at range as a dmr and then update your comment and tell us what happened
    Edit:use it in single fire

  34. Shahjalal MD Yakub Shifat says

    looks like a flamethrower

  35. Mercy32 Magar says

    Broo there is three Mutant you killed

  36. Zombaeland says

    That moment you run over the gun you were looking for. Someone else picks it up and then you don't search his body right after you kill him lol.

  37. NUMAN YT says

    I want a royale pass but i am poor😔

  38. Miron Selmani says

    Nice boots

  39. Gaming With Ivan Pavlov says

    Gotta say the laser light is lit!

  40. Stanley Leonard Darmali says

    I like it cause it's basically an alternative version of the M16A4 which is my favorite AR

  41. Rosales Jm says

    Wow thas osome

  42. ali rana says

    Piwerbang bang bang!

  43. Gutsy-Beard says

    When this new update coming
    Game on pc still laggy and makes me mad

  44. Mr.Mohy says

    Should have tried with light grip.

  45. Lexter Is Here says

    This gun is like a staple gun

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