The PC Gamer Show 115 – Metal Gear Survive, why GPU prices are screwed, and listener Q&A


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This week we’ll be talking about our time with Metal Gear Survive, our early impressions of the Overwatch League, and address why cryptocurrency miners are driving up GPU prices—all before closing with our usual listener Q&A.

00:00:00 – Now playing / The early games of 2018
00:12:00 – Overwatch League’s first weeks
00:27:40 – Hands-on with Metal Gear Survive
00:44:43 – GPU prices are awful right now
01:10:22 – Listener Q&A

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  1. Dean Medcalf says

    I would like to parse overwatch such a regret that I bought it. I thought this will be and skill based but no just ability stacking autism. Just seeing team work in it looks cheap and pathetic.

  2. TOP_GAMER_ SHOW says


  3. Captain ReddBeard says

    Am I the only person that wants Overwatch to fade into obsecurity? Soo tired of it.

  4. gaurd3 says

    I miss the bow-tie guy, ;/

  5. Semyon B says

    Your audio sucks!

  6. Matthew Lea says

    AI in real life is nowhere near that advanced, but I do wonder?

    I say good morning to my computer, my phone can't get Cortana so I can't say goodnight.

  7. Kehinde O says

    the benefit of crypto is in a year a mining 1070 is going to be like 150 dollars. GPUS are going to flood the market.

  8. Matthew Lea says

    Not from Aldi!

  9. Ike of Pyke says

    They must have given you a special version James because they revealed recently your character doesn't get sucked through and ends up I'm a government facility called Wydencliff and you're introduced to a special agent who uses the name "Goodluck" and it's 6 months later when you finally go through because YOUR character is infected with something

  10. Lewandowski says

    PC gamer is dead, I'm so glad! PC gaymers will be forced to buy consoles. Praise the cryptocurrencies

  11. C. E. Stewart says


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