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Black Ops 4 is right around the corner! These guns will be returning to Black Ops 4 from BO3/BO2!
Black Ops 4 “ALL MAPS LEAKED” –

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  1. Hate they got rid of sp i know infinty ward will have a campaign. But this since it is in 2040 mason could ve in it

  2. Who else is looking for the fortnite virgins screaming “no one cares about cod!”😂

  3. I always wondered I really just got into cods in the past few years. In bo2 I keep on seeing [JIGY. what is it? Is it a player or bot?

  4. Thank you Developers for bringing back the Scar-H no one will stand a chance against me now. If you see me on BO4 and if you beat me “ solo” then you can talk shit to me. My username is qjp4. Good luck y’all.

  5. Fuck fuck fuck ayyyy I was a prestige master in bo2 I think I could fucking nail it on bo4 fuck

  6. The KN-44 and the VMP and war machine must live on

  7. How about the Actual DSR-50 not no fucking trash ass DBSR-50

  8. 5 vs 5 doesn't sound positive.

  9. “It’s the same gun” so u sayin they just copying and pasting these gunss?

  10. How do you get in a non hacked Black Ops 2 game?!

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