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Black Ops 4 is right around the corner! These guns will be returning to Black Ops 4 from BO3/BO2!
Black Ops 4 “ALL MAPS LEAKED” –

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  1. antfire 09wavv says

    swordfish looks ugly asf

  2. DDH GAMING says

    Bring the blr2 back

  3. DDH GAMING says

    Galil bring it back

  4. DDH GAMING says

    Peachkeeper bring it back

  5. DDH GAMING says

    Mp7 bring it backkk

  6. DDH GAMING says

    Scorpion bring it backkkk

  7. Дима Коржик says

    Pizdec, I didn't kill anyone on swordwish, nice man

  8. βĹĂŹĨŃĞЖČĂĹĨβÚŔ87 says

    The Scorpion EVO

  9. ChrisPlays says

    I'm hyped for BOTD (Blood of thee Dead)

  10. Yaaseem Thorne says

    The mp7 needs 2 come back

  11. Tomas Retamal says

    i want a shotgun pistol like the marshall back

  12. TomGamingsWorld says

    The brecci comes back to !! WAYYY?! 🙁

  13. VKG Novaxx says

    Tu pue la merde

  14. Agent Connor Android RK900 says

    Hate they got rid of sp i know infinty ward will have a campaign. But this since it is in 2040 mason could ve in it

  15. Ryker Johnson says

    I saw a bo4 pic with the brecci

  16. Sergio Mosquera says

    I hope the man-o-war comeback

  17. Jonathan says

    Scar-H! No way!!!!

  18. Toby Watson says

    Who else is looking for the fortnite virgins screaming “no one cares about cod!”😂

  19. Something obvious says

    I always wondered I really just got into cods in the past few years. In bo2 I keep on seeing [JIGY. what is it? Is it a player or bot?

  20. VectorGaming says

    Hope they add a KRISS Vector

  21. Miguel x says

    Thank you Developers for bringing back the Scar-H no one will stand a chance against me now. If you see me on BO4 and if you beat me “ solo” then you can talk shit to me. My username is qjp4. Good luck y’all.

  22. mamagame says

    how did this video get so many likes

  23. ctrl shift X says

    I want the mp40 or at least a modern variation

  24. Fahad Dark steel says

    Fuck fuck fuck ayyyy I was a prestige master in bo2 I think I could fucking nail it on bo4 fuck

  25. vrkd says

    90+ days left!!

  26. Ky643le says

    Bring back fal select fire

  27. Lord Gamer says

    PDW is coming shut up and take my money

  28. Jared Luna says

    The KN-44 and the VMP and war machine must live on

  29. Jared Luna says

    How about the Actual DSR-50 not no fucking trash ass DBSR-50

  30. Big Nasty says

    Hopefully they bring back an m16

  31. K1NG_Vazquez says

    When is the beta coming out

  32. Marco says

    5 vs 5 doesn't sound positive.

  33. Xavier Lopez says

    The saug is the tac 9

  34. Fake Name says

    I fr hope the Razorback comes back

  35. Lil Cucci says

    “It’s the same gun” so u sayin they just copying and pasting these gunss?

  36. Harley Ward says

    How do you get in a non hacked Black Ops 2 game?!

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