Third Person Michael Myers Is Weird (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2) | Swiftor


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Modern Warfare 2 had that option of playing in the third person. Remember that? No? There’s a reason you want to forget. Ok, I’m exaggerating – this was kinda cool. Awkward, but cool.

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Third Person Michael Myers Is Weird (Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2) | Swiftor


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  1. EG Techno says

    Why do I have to see only a weapon just how the whole personality showed

  2. Nicole Davis says

    the T-shirt

  3. faZeCloudy Xx Xx says

    he is so bad at cod lol

  4. DAMEAN THE N3RD says

    how do u go on third person

  5. Tom Foley says

    You are the best

  6. Fivi T says

    Third person was my facorite game mode too bad they didnt include it in the next cod games

  7. Erasto rgs says


  8. shaquille wilson says

    3rd persn is best

  9. Demolition Mitch says

    you are so good

  10. Silentgunner555 says

    damn, these people look like mad scrubs…..

  11. Daultyn Comparato says

    how much is a shirt?

  12. Ryan Koivisto says

    when are you going to play ps3 black ops 2?
    been watching your twitch lately 

  13. mark rider says


  14. Excalibur Umbra says

    Wonder what the spot was…

  15. Josare' King says

    i think u get more kills on third person

  16. SkullGamingHD says

    Do you play on Ps3 Swift

  17. Dakoon Berry says

    was this half health because when he jumped he had less health

  18. Jonathan Clarke says

    @swiftor i wanna join your matches

  19. Tatiana W says

    can I join you and play

  20. Thirti Sankwich says

    i wish they had 3rd person in the other cods too

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