TOP 10 RULES for a Cleaner Home!

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Over the years we’ve made hundreds of cleaning videos, and in those videos, we’ve provided you with a ton of tips and tricks on decluttering, organizing and how to clean almost everything in your home. In this video, we wanted to revisit 10 of our very best cleaning tips—tips that if followed, will most certainly result in a cleaner, more peaceful, home.

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  1. I’m from a traditional Iraqi family and me and my husband decided financially I can be a housewife. So while I do the majority of the cleaning, my husband is still required to not make my job harder than it should. He should put his clothes in the basket and not the floor, he has to put his tools away when he is done using them, and if I ask for help he does it without complaining. When we first got married he was a big mama’s boy and didn’t know how to do things the correct way. He tried to do laundry and poured bleach on a bunch of colored clothing. This man is an engineer. He has put in a lot of effort in learning the ropes of a house and does his best to help me which is the number one reason for us that we can maintain a clean home. And yes, my sons and my daughters will learn how to keep house!

  2. My front entryway (while tiny) is always filthy. My husband is military and he works outside doing the dirty work (literally) so he tracks in all sorts of crap. Then drops the jacket and hat on the floor (worn again the next day but still gross) and tracks those boots onto my carpet. 😑 We also have a very large dog with a penchant for rolling in mud when we go to the dog park, so add that. On top of the fact that the garbage to go outside gets set in that entryway, it makes for a very difficult area to keep clean.

  3. my cleaning tip/trick is every morning i take a cloth from the cloth drawer, and i designate it to cleaning. and if by the end of the day, the cloth isn’t dirty enough to be washed, that means i didn’t clean enough. that way i’m constantly wiping down counters and sinks and the house stays clean.

  4. THANK YOU! A "shoe to slippers" (or socks) area is easily the best way to keeping floors clean. Recently, I watched old home videos and noticed my "just bathed" toddler in clean pajamas crawling around & playing on carpet that adults walk on with shoes that have been everywhere! I was horrified! Lol! Also, I like a whole lot of white so I can actually SEE when something is dirty.

    Clutter is my biggest obstacle because I have Lupus plus several additional illnesses so I am terrible about looking past the clutter when I don't feel well and flare ups often last for weeks but I try to get back on top as soon as I feel better. My family is currently transitioning to a more minimal lifestyle and harden ourselves to mass consumerism manipulation tactics that blurs the line between want & need.

  5. I hate making my bed straight away….
    I sleep hot, and often sweat. I want that to air out for a while before I cover it up and keep it all locked away…
    Am I alone in this?

  6. For me, it’s clothes. Clothes are such an eye sore. So as long as it “controlled” I feel less stressed and motivated to do more. Stumbled upon this channel and I love it!!

  7. Hey! Please, do you remember where did you buy this cute yellow big teacup and plate?! I live in Toronto and really hope I can find one of those.
    And thank you so much for your videos!

  8. I got a large open plan kitchen .the bench is a dumping ground for the 3 kids .

  9. I agree everything must have a home; I tell my friends that all the time but they are not neat and clean like me, lol

  10. This is excellent advice. I’m really bad at cleaning. Such good and simple tips!

  11. Just downloaded your book thank you I know it’s going to be a real help for me as ima disabled lady

  12. memory SPACE GETS LESS TO SAVE THE "so useful TIPS"….

    5 STARS ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✳️✴️✳️✴️✳️✴️✳️

  13. I would like to see deep cleaning tips. Like the stuff that gets between the stove and counter. Cleaning the fridge, walls and bathroom. Finding spider webs, cleaning carpets with kids.

  14. These rules are simply "divide the time you would use for a major cleanup, in tiny cleanups". You will never avoid the mess, but what if you dont have even a little time for tidying, there is the problem.

  15. I like to always think that somebody will come over any minute, or I'm having a fancy party, so I want it to be clean as to not be embarrassed. It always motivates me to clean

  16. Where did you get that giant yellow coffee cup in your kitchen?

  17. I have 2: first is that my bed gets made before I leave my house, and 2nd is that the kitchen gets wiped down after EVERY use

  18. i dont like making beds everyday, it doesnt bother me also i beleive the bed should breathe a let opne as ur humidity is locked in. I only make it if i have guests. I dont have to make it if I sleep alone as it doesnt mess up. I just open my side n let it get some air n then in night get in n pull overs over, nothing dramatic. to add i actually feel miserable making bed n it does not give me joy when its done. But m very particular of clean bed n bedding. I more of a germaphobe. N i do love organising things, m not good at it but it gives me peace whenever m feelinganxious I get up n organize or clean! Bliss

  19. i have living in a kitchen thats filthier than my bathroom.. m adapting to it but there was time that i couldnt even go to the kitchen or eat anything from there. On extremely helpless days when i havent eaten al day i have asked my husband to do few dishes enough for me to go in n not have a meltdown. M trying my best to maintain a better space but i dont want to be the maid of the house either.

  20. You NEVER make your bed first thing in the morning. It needs to air out so you don't get bacteria build up from any moisture 'ie: sweat'. You make the bed just before you go to sleep. Thats a key tip in ANY hygiene bedroom 'clean'.😥

  21. I clean the kitchen as I'm cooking, after I use something I put it back right away, if I spill something I clean up the surface right away, the plastic bowls, utensils, pots etc that I'm done with I put them in the dishwasher right away. I find this way of doing things in the kitchen very useful and saves me time because the cleanup after cooking is minimal.

  22. Finding a home for everything has seriously changed my life. I can now keep on top of everything and it take so much less time to tidy. Thank you for being so inspirational. 😄💞👠

  23. Ty for not having a mousy high voice (traumatized by a recent vid)

  24. I stopped using flat sheets cuz they just get all messed up during sleep. Since removing that from the bed, making it in the morning really is as simple as straightening the duvet and fluffing the pillows. Like 1 minute, tops

    Lol my motto is "Mess equals stress!" I tell my daughter "That's why they rhyme."

    I pretty much do my own version of all these things, and try to clean as we go. Particularly in the kitchen.

    I've always been anal about housekeeping (minus a few childhood years), but it's gotten worse since downsizing to a small apartment with no closets nor storage. (A nightmare in itself!) One or two things out of place makes it look like I haven't cleaned in ages, and I'm kinda OCD.

  25. Hi I See the idea of 'making your bed first thing'….I much prefer to let the bed air for a few hours. I just feel it lets the bed stay fresher and helps to reduce moisture that may build up…especially during the summers hot nights. So I make my bed later in the day…but let it breath for at least 2 hours. Love all your inspiring videos…

  26. I need to clean so I like the 1 song cleanup cuz being student and working and finals….yea…house ain't suitable for company lol but for me, I MUST have dishes done. I cook to save money and that is a must.

  27. We try to use the "one touch rule" … this means if you come into the house and take your coat off.. put it away straight away… touching it only once.. instead of taking it off in the kitchen and putting it on a chair.. then moving it to the lounge when it's dinner…then in turn eventually putting it in the closet.. this is a really good rule for the kids to use too and keeps our house tidy. Love your video.. great advice.

  28. Thank you for the great video. All the tips you've said are major and very important.
    I usually do the first 6 rules and lately started on the last ones.. life is so easier now.
    The most important cleaning rule for me is to deal immediately with the mess. If something spilled in the fridge or in the microwave or anywhere, I clean it up right away. That saves me so much time and stress. 🙌

  29. Where do I get the yellow cup that's behind you ?

  30. Clean home is essential for our family! But you have to put an effort to it.
    Rule #1 All toys in the spot before the bedtime plus clean kitchen

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