Tracy McGrady refuses to talk Zion Williamson: ‘I talk NBA basketball’ | The Jump


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Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Tracy McGrady of The Jump play “Something, Nothing or Everything,” discussing the report that Jimmy Butler chartered Minnesota Timberwolves guard Tyus Jones a jet to see his brother play in Duke vs. Kentucky (0:00); the Blue Devils debuts for Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett and Cameron Reddish — with McGrady abstaining from the discussion (2:40); and Phoenix guard Devin Booker agreeing with fans who booed at the end of Suns vs. Nets (4:19).

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  1. King Draper says

    Didn't really expect people to take this that seriously after watching it

  2. K.T. Harmon says

    He’s joking people relax

  3. Joshua Allen says

    Yeah this isn’t really a diss lol.

  4. Travis says

    I been watching Zion since he been a freshman in HS.. these guys hating

  5. Rodger Again says

    Any1 who mad at Tracy a retard lmfao nigga even laughed afterwards yall some weirdos.

  6. TheNewKG says

    Bro jimmy butler a fucking beast. Not just cuz of this either

  7. William Elliott says

    Duke nigga!! 😈😂

  8. Alexander Christie says

    Misleading title ty

  9. Jay Cee says

    Maybe the suns will get Zion

  10. KYlan Woods says

    yall dumb bro he didn't want to talk about it because he is a kentucky fan

  11. -1 says

    Bullshit…. Never cared for tmac anyways. Any basketball guy should be excited about Zion and company. That was a disrespectful how move. Sorry Tracy but Zion is taking over and your legacy can't compare. Didn't go to college you say? Hmmm so Zion has intellectual supremacy over you as well. Hater

  12. Stuart Day says

    Does he refuse to talk about the 3rd round of the playoffs since he never went there?

  13. BigBagOfFrikenAirFak says

    T-Mac turning its Paul pierce.

  14. Co rP says

    Who is the blonde reporter sitting in the stands talking to Tyus Jones. She's smoking hot.

  15. Miguel Llamas says

    it was a joke dawg y’all mfs being extra

  16. Jalen says

    TMAC acts as if he ever led a team to the Finals lol

  17. KyoKonKyoChin says

    T-Mac loves to hate on kids. I remember 2 years ago he was hating on LiAngelo Ball on national television saying he saw the 3 brothers play at Chino Hills and that LiAngelo is not good at all. Maybe he's not that good, but he's just a kid saying nothing, don't hate on him because of his father.

  18. Emmanuel Ani says

    Can we not see that Zion is a dunker? he can't shoot. So RJ is more impressive. Zion might flame out unless he learns the three. Only when the defender is afraid of your shot will anything else be much easier.

  19. Eric Allen says

    I just can't listen to Tracy talk.

  20. Derek Ngwu says

    Tracy knows Zion is gonna get more rings than him lol. Poor guy tried sneaking one, riding the bench with San Antonio 😂.

  21. J.R. Elgran says

    FUCK uk

  22. A-young rocky says

    T-Mac not wanting to talk about college hoops is….. NOTHING. It was about Duke (Zion) putting a beating on Kentucky the team he wanted to play for

  23. Tht Guy says

    Nah Rachel you meant Bulls

  24. Drew Andrews says

    Change video title. This was misleading.

  25. LeVelle Coley says

    Lmao Cleveland trying to get another Lebron 😂😂😂😒 they tanking this season and fire Lue to make it look good.

  26. miguel duran says

    That’s y Tracy’s where’s he at. 🕞

  27. The mad titan Thanos says

    Tracy u just mad that u ain’t got no rings or ever got close to getting one and u know Zion Williamson will

  28. Big Marcus 202 says

    Tracy been hating on everybody since he finally became a hall of famer

  29. rafael carmona says

    Tracy suffers from arrested development.

  30. Michael Davenport says


  31. Camejko says

    Yet for tmac. College basketball is boring to me. The warriors have almost made the nba boring but at least the players dont get screwed like the NCAA screws its players

  32. I. A. says

    Hes kidding

  33. 121212 says

    Very good for the enviroment

  34. KALIYAH Abston says

    Tmac and Jalen Rose some ringless HATERS on god

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