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Here you can find the BEST Fortnite Battle Royale montage.Funny moments, best plays, top fails and much more! Featuring the professional players/streamers like ninja, myth, and CDNThe3rd

More Amazing Fortnite montage:



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-Intro Music: Veorra – Save Me
-Outro Music: $AW x VIGGO – STILL DEALIN’

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  1. GamingStyle says

    Did you enjoy the video? If you did SMASH that like button so I can continue delivering awesome videos!
    Thanks for the love ❤️

  2. Steven Haskell says

    Whats stream loot? Does it tell you where stuff is?

  3. Brandon Yang says

    Daequan is da next singer

  4. super.sniper.42 nick says

    What is the first clip called

  5. ItsAustin says

    I laughed just on the second one omfg rejection 😂

  6. Omen Channel says

    I laughed

    But of you’re intro

  7. armandas poskus says

    3.45 that was me i was like 43hp and i was like yay i have a chug jug then i really maked it and he freakin killed me and if you want to play with me my name is Armandasx

  8. xxxfortnite_ GOD says

    Ew ninja went poop without wiping his butox

  9. Drey 09 says

    5:25 just watch the t-Rex

  10. RizeDarkTimz22 _ says

    Gimme Dem toes OMEGALOL

  11. Sacred Anonymity says

    I died at "i eat ass" 💀 I lose.

  12. JAMES I says

    6.05 CopyRighted

  13. DIEHARD CH1EF says

    I'm looking for a certain clip. It's a dude with a red Poised Playmaker skin and he commentates when hes killing people and he acts so calm. Can anyone send me a link if you find it in any video and tell me the time. Thank you

  14. Faze Doge says

    Making my way in class suck my ass to all you dumbass teachers dududududu suck my balls

  15. Shanonzi says

    This video is more like try to laugh because fortnite is just cringe in its final stage

  16. SFN_ ICYKID-_- says

    that shit not funny

  17. connor stuart says

    Not inpossbell

  18. Guest Guest says


    The king of fall damage

  19. Bromeo says

    This was so funny that I didnt laugh

  20. Lucia Mata says

    I like how myth dose not rage he is {•.•}

  21. manuel garcia says

    So funny the first one

  22. Worst ever Gameplay says

    I only laughed on 1:09

  23. Caleb Nitro says

    Ninja needs a intro

  24. Qasim Alf says

    Umm… it's just like a regulatory fortnite vid …..not funny to be honest like if you agree :●

  25. Qasim Alf says

    I love it when they dont get it lmfao

  26. Braydon Phillips says


  27. Roy Bedenbaugh says

    Fortnite isn’t even funny only little 2 year olds laugh at this

  28. Albert Flores says

    0:19 Duck……

  29. Carter Dunavant says

    Myth is not even that good

  30. Tomas Finder says

    didnt even laugh at once. another fortnite bullshit video for views rip utube

  31. Henrygamer 75 says


  32. Cooper Rogers says

    Why are all the streamers skinny do they eat ?

  33. Gitz Gamez says

    Ihe joking on the first clip? Or just his acting?

  34. mate jorjoladze says

    0:42 Hello darkness my old friend

  35. Hamish Holt says

    Who else saw the rabbit in the background of ninja at 3:50

  36. Jay Cole says

    What's the beat called tsm hamlinz rapping to?

  37. xXTheWolf252Xx Channel says

    The best part 0:02 2:39

  38. Alufia says

    cringy title and horrible video in general. Make your own content.

  39. B30 Porpoise says

    Ninja is not even close to being funny

  40. Thatatatata Gamer says

    Comment the month and the year

  41. Vin_ Tuber11 says

    Quote of the day ft Daequan
    “I eat ass”

  42. Plonk86 says

    I failed at 0:57 😂

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