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  1. A Ali says

    Always remember…klitsko ten times the boxer Wilder will ever be.

  2. ratboy says

    Tyson will lose because of this guy imo he hasnt enough experience to be a good cornerman / trainer cant believe he was giving corner advice over hatton

  3. PROUD_BRIT says

    i’m not surprised he’s got the biggest ball’s , he’s got the biggest body,feet,hands and legs in boxing too

  4. SalemKid says

    Harry would know, because tyson has sucked harry's kane, he's a P. E. teacher to fat pikeys, nothing more, nothing less

  5. John Gavin says

    Well you would say it your getting money! Prick joke!

  6. Trailblazer King says

    Ben knows the Tyson Fury camp are ready,, and he also knows that saying that Tyson has Balls to go Take on Wilder in his Backyard is more to keep the Hype going,,.
    Ben knows that every little word he says will be blown up out of proportion and he honestly knows that saying Tyson should "not" Take the Fight and will be used in all sorts of ways and thats why i belive they have said these words because it gets people Talking and discussing the two fighters.
    This is Tactics by the Fury camp and many will now say that if Tyson's "Trainer" has "knocked" Tyson's desition to take the Wilder fight…ect this is exactly what They will want the opposition wilder to think ..!! They allways keep you guessing and Ben Davies Tyson's trainer understands that this early press info will get back to wilder in the states and will give them all a mixtuer of false information so its never clear whats being said or what to truly belive,, its Geunius really somthing people never give Tyson credit for just like Klichko he certainly never know what Tyson was thinking or was doing and thats something you carnt Train for if your differant see….yes…Tyson hes back allready,, or is he… lets try and see what happens next…..this beats the Antony Joshua fight just this the build up and the press & media fuss…
    I lov A.J….but A.J is the golden boy the protected cash cow just like klichko was back when he reined .

  7. Subash Kv says

    Truth is everybody Scare stepping in to the ring Face Wilder. Wilder is No1 dangerous fighter in boxing division.

  8. anonymous identity says


  9. Shaheen 7 says

    Now people be like: “It’s too early for Tyson”
    But if he didn’t accept the fight, they’ll say: “Tyson is a pussy”… Smh

  10. yak yai says

    and ben davidson sucks on them

  11. Yocc Pushkin says

    It's a shame that everyone knows it's too early for Fury but Fury. His pride is about to get him KO'ed and Wilder fancies taking on a grossly underprepared Fury.

  12. ScienceV MmA says

    The top heavyweights should be going at it with each other two or three times each in their careers. At least it looks like these two will actually do that

  13. Adam Lees says

    Yes wilder will start as favourite because he's been active,knocks everyone out and fury's body shape and lack of power doesn't impress some.But flip that on it's head and wilder looked pretty dreadful against Ortiz for most of that fight and looked in trouble at one point.
    Wilder cannot outbox fury and never will but he can out punch him and like all those before he will feel he only needs one shot in 36 minutes to get Tyson going.if Tyson can avoid those huge windmill punches for all 12 he wins surely but surely a desperate wilder will almost certainly get something on target at some point.if Tyson had two more fights I'd back him but two average warm up fights just cannot prepare him for Wilder's savagery.

  14. Nathan zeglo says

    Tyson basically got to go 12 rounds without getting proper hit. Don't think it would be wise of him to do that  "rope a dope" shit !

  15. jonny jonnyboy1981 says

    He seems like a nice guy, but I was just watching a video of Cus training Mick Tyson then I thought about Ben Training Tyson, I just can't take this lad seriously, if Tyson won the fight with Wilder, I will.

  16. Nigel Lloyd says

    U and uncle Pete should work together 👍

  17. Chris c says

    Fury needs more time to peak!!!!!!! To develop the greasy fast lighting

  18. wiz solutions says

    By the sounds of he's voice he's balls ain't very big

  19. millitaryfool says

    Fury is going to out box Wilder and END up Flat Lined

  20. 3Vimages says

    Who is this kid ……. talking like a veteran trainer.

  21. BULLY_HUNTER_69 says

    I know it's the popular opinion to say Wilder is going to beat Tyson, and if I'm honest you're probably right, but just remember what everyone thought before the Mayweather Pacman fight

  22. Kyále says

    Bring back Peter!! Fucking remember where you come from Tyson! You licked the clit with a good team around you, not this numty bollacks.

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