Viewsonic VP3268-4K Review – The BEST Monitor for 4K Editing & Gaming?

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The new 4K editing monitor is here, though can it game well? I answer that and many more into today’s review. And yes this thing is now my new main monitor.
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  1. Would you recommend this or the BenQ EW3270U? I know you mentioned you prefer this Viewsonic compared to the BenQ but the BenQ has a true 10-bit panel. I will only be watching movies on it with occasional gaming as I have a 144hz 24" for that 🙂 Thanks in advance mate!

  2. Does this monitor have a color table/profile for DCI-P3? If not, would you think this monitor is more geared to web video production and/or print? Of course the REC 709 profile is there. But i am Not sure why they included the SMTPE color profile but maybe I am missing something. Thanks for the great review.

  3. I had a LG 43UD79-B, but the sound crapped out. I was looking at this monitor, but I'm not sure how the sound will be, there's no remote, and it's more expensive. I'm assuming the PBP (picture by picture) feature is the same?

  4. I've done my research read all the articles, amazon, newegg, google and 1st party site reviews, Q&A's, watched all the youtube videos and read all the youtube comments to share this knowledge with you.

    My best advice for you right now as of October 7th 2018 is to wait until the latest 32 inch 4K HDR 10 bit Freesync 2 monitors are out in the next couple months.

    Or if you're truly patient and slightly rich you can wait until the 4k HDR Dolby Vision Gysnc 120hz monitors are out in like 2020. But if you're impatient and slightly broke like me, read on.

    4K HDR is made mostly for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro at the moment until everyone else catches up. Thats why you would spend the extra hundred or so to get HDR 4k.

    I recommend the BenQ EW3270U for $600 which has actual 10bit not fake 10bit aka 8bit + a-frc mumbojumbo trickery though you won't really see the difference unless you're doing some hardcore photo editing stuff.

    The BenQ EW3270U is also a 32 inch which is the sweet-spot, 27 inch is not big/good enough for 4K HDR GAMING. All 4K HDR screens look like crap on native windows PC right now when you turn on HDR. Windows will most likely implement better compatibility in the near and foreseeable future as more content adopts HDR 4K. HDR is still kinda new. For PC gaming like World of Warcraft it looks great in 4K with HDR OFF.

    The BenQ EW3270U looks way better in CONSOLE 4K HDR because its a VA screen. It doesn't have the nasty IPS bleeding and grey scaling that all ips screens like LG's have.

    VA panels have TRUE BLACKS, virtually no backlight bleeding and higher contrasts/better saturated colors for gaming that look more colorful and imo better, though that might come down to personal preference.

    I've seen VA and IPS MONITORS (KEYWORD: MONITORS NOT TV) comparison and VA wins for 4K HDR console gaming hands down and other 4K HDR content.

    IPS wins for normal 4K pc stuff for its color accuracy so if thats all you need save the money and just get a regular 4K IPS panel for hundreds less.

    Oh noes VA monitor has terrible viewing angles?! Well you're a noob if you're not looking at your monitor straight ahead like seriously who ever looks at their monitor at an angle? Ok maybe you have multiple monitor setup with a slight angle.

    Just make sure your VA panel is your main monitor.. but if you have multiple VA monitors than idk what to tell you, kind of an oversight on your end. Do your research or just read this comment 😉

    Like I said before VA is mainly for console 4K HDR gaming at the moment so you would only need one monitor.

    You will be in a comfy computer chair and desk looking straight ahead this is not a tv where your lying on the couch in the corner so viewing angles wont matter on a monitor as much as on a TV.

    Or if you're dummy lazy like me laying naked in bed with a BenQ EW3270U screen coming out of my bedside table right in my face via a North Bayou Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm Gas Spring (only $26) and my trusty ASUS VG248QE on my other arm, Heaven on earth.

    LG is coming out with a VA 32inch panel to match BenQ EW3270U because they acknowledge the ips sucks for HDR content with its crappy greyscale blacks and ips bleeding.

    Obviously HDR only looks good on content that supports it so don't shit on BenQ or LG when you dumbfoundly turn on hdr while browsing your non HDR porn.

    And another thing about nits on MONITORS, they NEED to be LOW or you will go blind because monitors are suppose to be in your face. So 250-350 is more than sufficient for a HDR 4K MONITOR. KEYWORD MONITOR PEOPLE NOT TV.

    TV's naturally need much higher nits because they are usually mounted far away from you on a wall or on one of those cringy overpriced entertainment centers with the cabinets that smell old and musky like the type of people that buy them. Seriously just get a Rolling TV Cart its so much more practical and modern. Don't get it twisted people.

  5. how do you change from inputs from a distance without a remote? The monitor would be mounted on a wall out of reach it would be connected to a computer though

  6. How about the 4 screens In one like the lg 43 can you hook up 4 different devices to it

  7. What kind of uniformity you consider "near perfect"? Because I see nice DSE "shadow splotch" on leftish-bottom part of the screen at 3:34 (and also clearly present on orange screen 3:43). Basically, whole diffuser slightly "crumpled" here.

  8. Thanks! That was exactly what I was looking for. As I enjoy occasional gaming I was bummed about its high response time.

  9. "But there it is! The-"

    notices himself in the reflection

    You mean the sexy "Yes Man" in the screen? Aaah, you!

  10. I'd like that 21:1 vs 4k vid. Also, for what it's worth, you made an okay lobster XD lol
    The NSync part… that gotta be the most unpredictable thing I've seen in while. Kudos.

  11. I would like to see the ultrawide Viewsonic and this side by side.

  12. Hi Brian, I would like you to test a certain 4k TV model, that I have found extremely hi quality for the budget, but when connected to a pc is making a great job in my humble impresion form it. here in israel the model is called Samsung eu40mu7000. in the US its the 6300 series – called ue40mu6300. try to find what model exactly it is in Australia. its extremely cheap, less than 500$ US, its 4K, its HDR certified so wide color gamut, and best of all its is a VA pannel with native ansi contrast of 1:5500 !!! its well calibrated from the factory and shows magnificent 4K HDR content. tried it with the pc and frankly, cannot say one negative reason not to use it. compared it to my dell Ultrasharp U2414H I cannot say the dell is any better. a great value for money tv as a monitor ? its punchy super contrasty image is addictive. its 4k resolution is brilliant compared to 1080p. its input lag was measured (by professionals) on the web as 20ms. it also has gaming mode for external connected consoles. I will be very very interested for your opinion, so if you can review this model as well and give us your insight as a professional pc user it will be most welcome. if you will find this 4K 40 inch HDR tv as a good monitor solution, then we have found a gem under the radar and as you call it: a bargain deal. p.s i have the 55 inch size tv. but it starts from 40 inch and above – the 40 inch is more suitable for the use as a monitor, as 55 is too big.

  13. If you're dad won't be in the next video I will dislike it

  14. You have sold me to try this out once I have the money to invest in a new screen

  15. That ad that says "GIVE ME 42.5 SECONDS" then you skip the ad 😎

  16. 1440p is the sweetspot for gaming atm. Even dual 1080Ti won't run all games smoothly in 4k.

  17. It is good to see ViewSonic is still in the running when it comes to high end monitors. I know they were pretty good when CRTs were around and I did enjoy having a 21" ViewSonic way back then. Thanks for such a great in depth review. Now, lets me recalculate my Federal Tax return, for I am going to need some big bucks for something like this?

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