Vikings vs. Lions Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2018


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The Minnesota Vikings take on the Detroit Lions during Week 16 of the 2018 NFL season.

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  1. Jo Do says

    Lol lions only played like how they supposed to against the patriots and then just relaxed for the rest of the season

  2. Gavin Goeltl says


  3. Devin Somers says

    When will us lion fans ever see a playoff win

  4. ASAP Fitness says

    The lions dont know how to adapt.

  5. Mike Cheng says

    HUT HUT HUT hut~

  6. Randomness 1984 says

    Lions more like kittens

  7. The Memer says

    Eagles fans on suicide watch

  8. Travis B says

    3:27, 3:41 Vikings fans no longer on suicide watch
    4:25 Vikings fans overcome with joy

  9. Xao yaj says

    If Minnesota don’t beat the bears next week, they don’t deserve to be in the playoff. Not sold on Kirk and o-line issues. And A little more aggressive on the offense play call would help.

  10. Philip Patti says

    U LIKE THAT!!!

  11. Papa Ra says

    ¿Cuál es el pronóstico contra los bears el próximo 30…?
    Aún tengo esperanzas en los vikings…

  12. Mike T says

    Have no idea why the lions struggled against the Vikings this season. Cousins is worse than Keenum and they beat Keenum once last season.

  13. Matt Blair #59 Hall of Fame says

    Tiny shoulder pads need to go. It has gotten out of hand. No reason to see the entire shoulder and armpits.
    Not safe and a terrible look.

  14. Video'sEveryDay says

    I laughed so hard when kirk cousin voice cracked like a donkey

  15. Thelma Peckerwood says

    We should have never gotten rid of Case Keenum we would have been 13 and 2 right now

  16. Deku says

    At the end "matt cassel is sacked" 😂

  17. Jacy says

    Also ZACK Zenner is going to be like Calvin Johnson……………………….😐
    What I mean by that is Zack Zenner is underappreciated and under Lion fans radar and other NFL teams radar. DESPITE the FACT zenner has continued to be an elite running back and BETTER running back then Christian ✝ (spoiled 💳💵💰brat) McCaffrey.

  18. Jacy says

    Calvin Johnson is a very valuable player for the Detroit Lions during his time💯.
    What a shame that Calvin Johnson we remain underrated even a amongst the Lion fans…………………………………..😐

  19. Jacy says

    The CAUCASIAN critics would CRY about a black man trying to get his money, BUT DON'T say a word about Jay Cutler or Brock Osweiler or Ryan Fitzpatrick or Matthew Stafford or Derek Carr or Ryan Tannehill or Sam Bradford getting paid huge amounts of money AND just robbing NFL teams and their loyal fan base blind😆😆 😆😄😄😄😄😄😊

  20. Fei Long says

    stafford is garbage.

  21. Randomness 1984 says

    God pls get rid of Stafford

  22. Willie Jones sr says

    Stafford is a Bum

  23. Kwa LLuminati says

    Bears will sweep MN next week and Eagles win and MN will be bounced out of the post season

  24. oldschoolsinger says

    The Lions go to 5-10 and the lowly Cleveland Browns are at 7-7. That's because we have Stafford and they have Mayfield.

  25. The Wolverine says

    Lions are the definitely of mediocrity

  26. bill harvell says

    Here's hoping it's 38-0 Rams at halftime next week.

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