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  1. Kristen Moore says

    I like the lighting, but not the background. i kept staring at the ugly filling cabinet. your style definitely rocks tho!!!

  2. Cristina Rodriguez says

    If you ever need to shop for business attire I'll be more than happy to set you up with a great discount and reduced shipping at my Poshmark store. I'm rebranding my store right now but after May, I'll be bringing in mainly name brand clothing to my store for extremely reasonable prices. Keep up the good work Katie! Love your videos!

  3. Bridget Commodore says

    I鈥檓 obsessed with your hairstyle! Makes me want to chop mine for summer, too!

    A tip I learned for belts that hang off quite long similarly to yours: wraps a thin black hair elastic around the belt (loop it if you have to for different belt widths) and move it alone the belt until it鈥檚 just at the end of the hanging part of the belt. Just tuck the lose end into the hair elastic to hold in place and voila! An inconspicuous way to control a sloppy belt and look even more professional 馃檪 loved this video!

  4. Southern Yankee says

    Loved the floral tank

  5. Sheila A. Smith says

    Really nice. Looked very casual professional. Liked the hair style too.馃憤

  6. Amanda Grunst says

    Loved your shirts!!

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