What you missed in 2018 for Fusion 360 — Season 2 EP3


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You are busy! Let’s make sure you did not miss an important new feature in Fusion 360 🙂

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  1. Risto Rinne says

    Thank you, sir. This video with all tutorials answered many questions i had.

  2. Nacer Zo says

    never thumbs down you Lars ever .

  3. George Crickmore says

    How about a Save Stock tab that lets you go right into the next operation. Without exporting then importing the file back in as a mesh.

  4. Carlos Cortes Rocha says

    Lars, if not only hobbyists or academics but startups and heavy industry are taking advantage of Fusion360's potential, what do you think is the future of Autodesk Inventor? Should We (Inventor Users) prepare for a total platform migration? Thanks.

  5. Factory400 says

    I love this wrap-up – it is so easy to miss some great new features.

  6. David Finlay says

    Hi bud You are very very good in cam any chance of cam Friday coming back?

  7. Bogdan Kowalski says

    Thanks for all Lars 😉 Greeting from Poland.

    Dzięki za wszystko Lars 😉 Pozdrowienia z Polski.

  8. Cees van Hulst says

    Very useful information.👍👍

  9. Nicholas Anderson says


  10. Jesse Johnson says

    I have sent an .email about inserting and sizing a .svg image to be assembled onto a plane I have already completed a sketch of. Do you already have a tutorial on sizing .svg images? I attached a .jpg image of the car club plaque I'm trying to make on a 3D router with that email so you'll see what I'm dealing with.

  11. Ron Meadows says

    Tiling sure would be nice!! Is that feature ever going to be added to Fusion 360??

  12. Scott Cleveland says

    Love this format.

  13. SignallerK says

    This new derive feature is very cool. But how will it handle discrepancies which contradicts each other?For example, if I remove this cylinder in slave, then add one more cylinder on top of cylinder in master model and then try to update slave again. I know the example is obvious, but in case of any small features like chemfer, it is easy to miss.

  14. Sebastiaan Swinkels says

    At some point you're going to have to do a video about that Haas controller there…

  15. Greg says

    The derive function is uper handy! Better than having to always insert a compnent into a design

  16. pkwigglesworth says

    I see you are not using the previewed UI. Whilst recommending it, it would be useful to have some idea when it is coming!

  17. Eric Van der Steen says

    great video!

  18. jothain says

    Excellent as usual. However tune down the intro/outro music a bit. As non native english people I have to listen with quite big volume and music clip is slightly annoying 🙂

  19. Branislav Babic says

    Where is now sculpt mode?

  20. Ron Floyd says


  21. Bederson Antunes says

    Very interesting Lars

    Work in the area of molds and dies, we provide for medical area and some assemblers; dashboard and car dashboard molds

    How is Fusion for high-complexity molds and dies splicing?

  22. Bederson Antunes says

    Lars muito interessante

    Atuamos na área de moldes e matrizes, disponibilizamos para área médica e algumas montadoras; moldes do painel do painel e do carro

    Como é o Fusion para matriz de alta complexidade e splicing matricial?

  23. Pop-A-Top Bob Young says


    I’m so glad you hit on all these subjects again, I admit I spaced them off. But I do thank you for this reminder as well as this video, I do have all of your streams and videos on my hard drive lol.

    Thank you my friend.

  24. Lanny Dana says

    What is that box on the shelf behind you?

  25. Lanny Dana says

    Thanks for the update!

  26. Danny Turner says

    Definitely hadn't seen number 10 before now. Great overview of the recent updates.

  27. Bikram Burman says


  28. Eduardo Daniel Antuña says

    Thanks Master, usefull as usual. Until next time.

  29. Jose Ribeiro says

    Can't thank Lars enough for his tutorials! With out them I would never have made use of Fusion 360 nearly as much. Thanks again Lars and WELCOME back! So looking forward to many more videos in 2019!

  30. Roman Kyselý says

    Hi Larsen, thanks, great video as always! 🙂 I do not know your edition plan for future episodes but I propose you three of them for you.

    1. I would be more than happy when you sometime construct any kind of model with diferent tools and tricks and comment it. May be more complex and splited to more episodes as serial.

    2. Supervide with somebody who online make some model and commenting it.

    3. Preparation before modeling start. Ideas how to aproach to modeling, which strategy or tactics use and compare pros and cons of it.

    Just idea Larsen, thank you for a lot of help!!

  31. Eduardo Daniel Antuña says

    Hello Lars from Argentina.

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