WORLD’S UNLUCKIEST PLAYER! – Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #402


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What’s up guys, back with Episode 402 of our Fortnite Fails & Funny Moments! In todays we have put together some of the funniest Fortnite moments including wtf moments to funny fails! Can we smash 40,000 likes for Episode 403 Tomorrow!? Subscribe & join the road to 9Mil subs –

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Here’s Episode 401 of Fortnite Funny Fails, WTF Moments & Epic Kills if you haven’t seen it!

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  1. a elkasir says

    About the title picture even if you are down and need to be revived you can't get a chug jug or anything because you are down and need to be revived so LOL

  2. Kittygirl 975 says

    I almost died of laughter๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. The dumb stuf f says

    Subscribe to PewDiePie And unsubscribe to Tseries

  4. Abir Ray says

    Season 7 is out
    Like this if you watch this when season 7 is out

  5. RegEsmic esmic says

    like por el que habla espaรฑol

  6. Epic Gaming- Memes and More says

    If you make thumbnails like that you should quit Fortnite, the worst game ever.

  7. steph bartee says

    At 8:30 how did he get a pump out of a chest

  8. Dogelul Haiduc says


  9. Games All Day And All Night says

    5:02, how do I describe this

  10. Gianna Ruiz says


  11. Meme Ler says

    7:28 llama apocolypse

  12. x XxSinsterxX x says

    3:48 when you notice the circle is there

  13. VinnieB Benson says

    7:27 Ceeday?

  14. simo ich says

    ุงู„ูŠ ุนุฑุจูŠ ูŠุถุบุท ู„ุชูŠูƒ

  15. Michelle Pierce says

    That fable thou in the one clip where the default is jumping while he is knocked,hit your shots kid

  16. Manav Varia says

    2:56 stream sniping

  17. Ghost Destroyer says

    Stop using my music BCC

  18. X Eyes says

    Get down mr president 4:13

  19. lucutes /// SuperCell /// Other * says


  20. Spoonfull473 . says

    The thumbnail makes no sense at all.

  21. fluffy yolo says

    the funny thing about BCC is that in every video he puts sunstrider in lel

  22. Dark Ninja says

    8.4 million let's go! I was here since 134,563 subs!

  23. Josias58 says

    2:31 5:50 Who said Xbox players were good?

  24. Josias58 says

    2:31 Many skins -> good player

  25. Funny blawow members says

    When you hacking the game 3:57

  26. Ryan Murphy says

    2.56 stream sniper

  27. Fortnite Game Channel says

    Nices Video ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Yandere kev says

    fucking minecraft

  29. L2Arbuckle says

    In the clip when there was 2 trees in 1 the person got a green pump out of the chest

  30. Elias Humalajoki says

    6:16 what is this dance name?

  31. Nabil Ouzid says

    That dude with the grappler

  32. fuck razer says

    u cant aim for shit

  33. Rice Hd says

    Follow me
    IG: terry_patt999

  34. ADDIT says


  35. King PlayZ Fortnite says

    World unluckiest player also at 00:00

  36. ื’'ื•ื”ืืŸ ื“ื ืืœ ืœืžืก ื’ื•ืœื•ื‘ื•ืง says

    Que es eso?

  37. Aradhya Sharma says

    2:20 indian BOIS IN BCC

  38. roflegaming2018 2 says


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