WORLD'S UNLUCKIEST PLAYER! – Fortnite Funny WTF Fails and Daily Best Moments Ep.962


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WORLD’S UNLUCKIEST PLAYER! Hope you enjoy this episode 962 of Fortnite funny moments and funniest wtf best plays of fortnite daily fails highlights in battle royale gameplay.

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  1. Boxy Head says

    4:34 and then this weirdo

    These people still had a lot of health while the trash person could of got the person and then get them back up

  2. Boxy Head says


    This persons trash

    Like really

    This person really thought that the person was gonna leave them to get whatever it’s called so they can get him or her

    And he or she did not even build no whatever it’s called just

    Came up and tried to get them up

    Like noting will happen while the other person STILL alive and then bam for them


  3. Uganda Knuckles says

    4:31 switch it to remember kids, use protection if ya know what I mean😉

  4. Bronco Playz says

    This is the best channel!

  5. Instinct says

    pin this if you read the comments

  6. Kaido says


  7. Noah C.S 03 says

    Bet they didn’t read this comment

  8. clocked fly says

    Third clip I don’t wanna mess with that guy

  9. Tahsin GT says

    Hey dudes look 3:57 there is rarity red weapon what is it?

  10. Blue 07 da boi says

    Tfue betrayed us, he said he would always be a default but he is a SKIN, how dare he!?!?!?

  11. Nabilvine7 - Fortnite says

    Season 8

  12. Anastasia , um Obuchowa says

    If you Read it Like this plc


    Use code CEEDAYY

  14. daphne s says

    try this combo👉🏻gold ice king with scropion back bling

  15. FaZe DarkNight faze says

    0:02 hermano perdido de LoLiTo mmmmmmmmnnnnn xd

  16. Dutch Van der linde says

    9:11 عرب ?

  17. OneCute Gaming Fortnite says

    Sub to Me And I sub to You Should Sub to sub

  18. CONOR Murphy says

    Wait is sniper shootout back

    (Not bothered to check)

  19. Sarmaua Magică says

    3:32 my eyes are burning

  20. SK7 says

    Use code DAILY

  21. 1000 Subscribers with no video? says

    I get bullied at school for not having any skins in fortnite.
    If you would sub to me you´ll make me very happy..

  22. Jokster6 says

    4:28 There was nothing sick in this clip

  23. xEZYx says

    Oh nice my clip! 2:30

  24. Change says

    0:59 Han er norsk, lik hvis du også er

  25. TFS LuckyWolf says

    Mongraal sucks

  26. Angel moreno says

    @9:03 look at the players remaining and kill numbers!! Fake😂😂😂

  27. zaid Jalal says

    The best video ihave ever seen in fortnite

  28. Fantastic Gamer says

    I used code Daily and I buyer the new fish stick outfit

  29. Plantie says

    is it necessary to call people birches? especially if half the playerbase is children?

  30. vasmcplays says

    Hey you bounce when you hit metal stuff (not all things though)

  31. ladron28 troll says

    Like si eres español

  32. Rage Games says

    Are you reading this coment

  33. Ecocentre Trégor says


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