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In celebration of surpassing 5,000 subscribers (and a couple thousand more), the bullshit Craigslist ads are back nearly 4 years later! EDIT: I have been informed that as of August 2018, the Game Box Hero is no longer available for sale. In other words, we did it, we won!

Featured music (in order of appearance):

Mega Man 3 – NES
Mario Kart 64 – N64
Der Fuehrer’s Face – Walt Disney
ToeJam & Earl – Genesis
Mii Channel – Wii
Tetris – NES
Conker’s Bad Fur Day – N64
Mickey B. – Take My Soul
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – GameCube
Mozart – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Initial D Arcade Stage – Arcade
Donald Fagen – Trans Island Skyway (8 Bit)
Final Fantasy Origins – PS1
Gravediggaz – 6 Feet Deep
Super Mario Land 2 – Game Boy
Toy Story – SNES
Arkanoid – Arcade
Nightwish – Ghost Love Score
Toy Story – PC
Neo Turf Masters – Neo Geo MVS

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  1. Jack Barnes says


  2. BadaBing says

    Love ur vids bro

  3. BRZ BOI says

    Hey Vectrex4Life! Maybe you can do a review for need for speed underground 2? The game could be fun but thats based on my taste. You might have a different opinion on need for speed underground 2

  4. David says

    gameboxhero is no longer for sale 🙁

  5. Red says

    He plugged the Powercord into the Kitchen…

  6. Heartworn Fox says

    Next video when?

  7. eggsamillion says

    I miss you friend. You're content always makes me happy and I miss you making videos. You're almost at 10k subscribers! Please continue to make content!

  8. K9[THEK4G] says

    Retro games, arcade cabs, initial d, all in a chill format; you get a sub from me dude, enjoying the content 🙂
    Gday from AU, where our version of CL is just as polluted with 100s of Xboxes/PS2/ retropies and the like hahaha, nice to see this series is a thing

  9. That Rallyboi says

    Please make another video we’ve been waiting for 4 months now

  10. fartsnstuf says

    i love how this video was a before my day, best present ever!

  11. Dray Wolf says


  12. Feshta says

    Make more initial d videos please

  13. Cone says


  14. Lewis Job says

    Wow……………………….holy shit

  15. QJR says

    I know I'm late for this, but you did an excellent job with the video!

  16. Alex Manor says

    Didn't you say that you had 4 videos coming this summer where are they

  17. Martin Clift says

    Pool Table, Pool Table Move, Pool Table Inside a Pool Table , Pool Table That is actually a standard table, Pool Table Recovery, Pool Table Recovery Service…

  18. BRZ BOI says

    8,000 subscribers Vectrex4Life

  19. Omar King says

    Dude where are you?! come back to youtube lol we miss you

  20. MikeTheKoopaWarrior says

    Initial D: Star Wars Edition

  21. RyanCooper says

    Mario was on drugs

  22. Nick Rynearson says

    Here's a ad I remember seeing.

    So I going throw Cars & Trucks, seeing what's for sale in my state, and I found this ad for a 2007 Toyota Civic (It was a Honda Civic) it was pretty rusty, but that's pretty normal in Upstate New York, but it's price I'm talking about, it was 10 grand, $10,000 for a rusted piece of shit, I could buy 3 IROC Camaros for that price, and you will not believe what that moron said, "Haves Great Resale Value." I know Toyotas cost more than other used cars you can buy from the same time, but I'm pretty if you can see the rust from a 300 x 300 JPEG it would at leas cheaper than a used truck from the same time.

  23. farLander says

    Your videos give me the "Filmed in 2005 but are oddly shot in HD" vibe. I love it

  24. Radny Bolt says

    I want your laptop the thinkpad

  25. Zoltán Marosi says

    Door handle masturbation

  26. Wulf says

    300 xboxes?! so a xbox for every game?

  27. Totallynotitsuki - says

    Can't wait for the touge racer stage 3
    I bet hankumi solowara will have his second ae86000000

  28. Mega GrencometTV2 says


  29. Lad [GD] says

    *And all I have to say is What The Fuck man!

  30. Arklys Hill says

    We still wait for a new "Forgotten Game" review! Keep up the great work!

  31. Frank Chen says

    yeah i'm commenting on this a month after release. anyway i loved this

  32. SOLARFARLE The Beauty Queen says

    I forgot about Craiglist.

  33. Nino Frassica says

    Where tf is forgotten gamezz

  34. [trv] says

    Who casually has three hundred Original Xbox's

  35. GamingGranted2 says

    I know this is a weird place to comment but wtf happened to digiman? He deleted his videos!?

  36. Parker Trammell says

    Love the videos man keep up the good work

  37. The Otaku Brotherhood says

    Where is the link to the 762931 Super Legit Edition.

  38. Luna Hernandez says

    Hey Vectrex4life! When are you planning on making another Forgotten Games 🎮 episode? Loved that show!

  39. derrick foltz says

    Love this sub series of videos! Can’t wait till the 6th one comes!

    Also 5:096:04 was very funny

  40. Abdulito5 says

    pretty good channel dude! you really deserve more views and subs!

  41. Erisu says

    That wu-tang Miata is the TRUE pimp ride

  42. ArmyAnts Studios says

    god i haven't watch you in forever glad your still uploading videos

  43. Knight Delta says

    Its here after ages!

  44. TheMasterKrook says

    Can't wait until Togue Racer comes out. I'm so hyped!

  45. THEJONAHGAMER Edwards says

    hmmm…star wars death star vengance…YOU DONT GET IT DO YOU?

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