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  1. Michael Langfitt says

    Someone please take away this thing’s internet.

  2. Droner says


  3. Ali Shaan says

    It did nothing wrong but i just hated how the Jugger-nog worked in the zombies and no shields you could have to protect you from behind and the same as IW zombies

  4. Lz Lucas says

    What do you mean? Overlord was great! simple,unique, fun story with good characters.

  5. X82BIGBLUE82X says

    If it ain’t Treyarch, then zombies is trash.

  6. XXX TYEE says

    Ww2 zombies is irreverent.

    Stop turning your back on bo4 zombies and support it not everything goes right all the time.

  7. Cameron Houghton says

    Which one of you fucked your sister in alabama

  8. Kareem Soussan says

    fuck i actually thought Overlord was pretty good

  9. The Skrilltrap says

    So it's the first Call of Duty movie?!?!?!?!

  10. Harry Difelice says

    They said it would be scary but it wasn't. There you go.

  11. luigi ayala says

    That movie wasn’t that bad tho but hey everyone has there own opinions

  12. Doctor Fuze says

    I loved WW2 zombies story untill it went into the supernatural, then it felt like a bootleg Aether story

  13. snke says

    jazz music stops

  14. wildgordon says

    Infinite warfare did nothing wrong…

    For zombies in spaceland.

  15. Keith Reuter says

    Well I do enjoy your content but then again this film wasn't supposed to be based off ww2 zombies

  16. D. W. says

    The problem I had with the movie was that I went in with an expectation of more zombies. If I had went into it with no expectations then I probably would have really enjoyed it for what it was. The scene in the plane was really amazing and there were moments where I did get sucked in, but overall it was a decent film.

  17. Chomp and Spike says

    What do you mean overlord isn't good?

  18. Micheal Hargrove says

    When I saw the trailer for overlord I compared to ww2 zombies right away

  19. IvoryDragon2004 says

    OK but it's already too late

  20. Zeemyth says

    Can we talk about rave in the redwoods and shaolin shuffle though

  21. GlaZe Rebirthh - Fortnite says

    TY, WW2 Zombies were low key good

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