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After the Xbox Reveal, Microsoft showcased what the new Xbox One Kinect can do. Check out the motion sensor functionality in this exclusive video.

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  1. Nishant Bilkhiwal says

    I didn't thought it would be possible so soon. Nice job Microsoft 👏👏👏

  2. BallisticTempler EliteKnight says

    Nice acting, fucking liar.

  3. Allan Sh says

    discontinued though

  4. Arain Saeedi says

    4 years later xbox one x was announced,damn time flies

  5. capsuleL4 says

    I have update 4

  6. Marsha Green says

    I have a Xbox one

  7. Luis Alejandro Castillo Beltrán says

    she is beatiful

  8. Jayman493 says

    This thing is so awesome. I can't believe it flopped. there's so much it could be used for. Boxing, sword fighting, mini games with friends.
    It could even work with VR if it had it.

  9. Rickard Collazo says

    Has any one figure out how to stop the dimming problem on Xbox one when watching movies

  10. Addy Charles says

    kinect wasn't perfect and every once and a while it does not work like u want it to, but I still enjoy playing many of it's game and it's fun to play with friends and kids especially. Anyway, about this vid, the guy is totally ignoring the fact that the legs are moving wildly and inaccurate. It's the biggest flaw so far, u will notice that when playing soccer game.

  11. Yvan Kate says

    woow that is nice i want one in fact i am about to get one tommorow that nice man

  12. Matthew Wray says

    take this ps4

  13. Jessee Barrera says

    If you don't want your Kinect or don't need it hit me up

  14. WE JUST DO IT says

    first off bro I'm a man and I've been playing Xbox since Genesis I know Xbox the best but they need to fix the Kinect make it more better stronger quicker precise go Xbox One and all the haters shut up

  15. Fiji Shvn says

    How to do you get on what there on

  16. Tanweer Shahid says

    Xbox is the best!☺

  17. WE JUST DO IT says

    it's just the regular Xbox 360 Kinect no new features total BS

  18. WE JUST DO IT says

    total crap Xbox one Kinect doesn't do this is total BS

  19. Paul King says

    Can you download this demo app?

  20. Deandre Pocu says

    yo microsoft made huge mistake with the xbox one worst console ever

  21. pineapple guy says

    it looks like they are using a 3d printer type monitor for the picture but it registers much faster

  22. J. Marcos BV says

    stupid shit

  23. Luck_Games says


  24. August Boeks says

    Shit this is shit

  25. Ali Ansari says

    i think it is KINDA cool

  26. Ryan says

    Some stupid people think that the nsa will be interesting in your bull crap and let them spy on me iam not doing anything wrong but they aren't looking for you nsa yes what about people outside the us does the nsa spy on them to

  27. tifanny sean says

    SERIOUS QUESTION GUYS! I have an xbox 360…. It dunn pick up on my leg movements….  like the knee's and elbows…. in fact it shows me as a migit…  is this kinect better than xbox 360's and is it cross compatible w the older version?

  28. Big Souljia says

    😍😍😍😍I need that😍😍😝😝😝😜😜

  29. MiniMe Strother says

    how do u get to tht

  30. TheKeithvidz says

    the camera does jump interaction to a next gen feel. But months on in and its voice recognition remains spotty.

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