YBN Nahmir – No Relations (Official Video)


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YBN Nahmir – No Relations (Official Video)

Director: Christian Breslauer
Producer: Cess Silvera, Joan Pabon, Mosin Pictures

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  1. Vicepter says

    Fire ass song. Put this shit on spotify

  2. driptoo wavy says


  3. RameZ says

    I guess I misspelled anorexia?

  4. Justin Lujan says

    Who the chick on the thumbnail?

  5. Myron Mckinney says

    Song too fast i gotta listen to it twice😂😂🔥

  6. no shit ; says

    1 million in 2 days, congrats nick ❤️

  7. JimmaJamma2006 says


  8. Hidan says

    Nahmir looking 11 among these grown ups

  9. Eystin says

    Put this joint on spotify 🔥🔥

  10. David Baker says

    Bro that beat hard 🍾🔌🚬🔝💥

  11. Yrn iffy says

    If this nigga don't come out in GTA 6 I ain't buying it

  12. brianna kole says


  13. K94EVER says

    0:31 feet🤤🤤

  14. Miguel Velez says

    Pink girl instagram

  15. Tylo Naidoo says

    Drop on Apple Music 💪🏽

  16. OddSaying says

    Not your style 👎🏻

  17. People Do Something says

    I sense a new type of era forming… GOOD

  18. Johnson Wen says

    I like YBN Nahmir, I also listen to 3 pac, smally bigs, jiz khalifa, busta nutz, snoop catt, big wayne, iggy arbuckle, jumpsin, t3ch nine, chief queef, flocka waka water, fat shady, little Sean, rAff riff, adult cudi, g-spot, Kanye east, matureish gambino, tilta, j charcoal, mill macker, Tyler the destroyer and English Montana.

  19. BLUEENCORE G says


  20. young BlackMale says

    Young Bo$$ niggas🔥💯

  21. דניאל שטיילו says

    He has school more few days

  22. hadi hiso says

    GTA 6 Leaked

  23. OG Zeeke says

    "Super soaker bet she cheat like a Cleo".. ayyee SA:MP Gang

  24. Ñl ÖÕ says

    i love this fake gangsters music..

  25. Jacob Encinas says

    I’m that nigga that yo bitch love to talk about

  26. Aaron Diaz says

    GTA returning to vice city

  27. Von von says

    Coldest song rn 💯🤣🗣

  28. htown lilred says

    Where’s that Nahmir x Mike Sherm

  29. Darkk Gaming says

    This shit is gonna blow up!

  30. Retarded says

    ybn is the goat.

  31. Michael N. Luz says

    1 hit wonder

  32. Michael Savage says


  33. jasonmcintyre says

    love it

  34. Jackson DeLong says


  35. Alycia Annmarie says

    You go baby

  36. WickedMo13 says

    Imagine someone in your Xbox live gamer clan gets put on and then puts you on…YBNlife

  37. _ Jay says

    Try me get yo leg make you walk it out🔥

  38. Nege Niga says

    Retro beat)

  39. luis De La Torre says

    This song fire 🔥

  40. Josh Pugliese says

    YBN has mad talent but he uses the same flow too much

  41. Hella Slapz says

    I thought Manny was Lil Mosey for a sec.. 😂💀

  42. Jorge Rdgz says


  43. 2ez lyon says


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