Yes! PS2 Emulator works smooth on Windows 10!


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Was having issues with Windows 10’s recent update so I wiped the drive and began to test out all my emulators. Playstation is working great! Enjoy!

At the time of the video:

Core2Quad Q6700 @2.66 GHz
9800 GT XXX Graphics card
8 GB of Memory
120 GB SSD
Windows 10 x64

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  1. Gamalier Rosa says

    i eant this emulator to get the time splitter series the 1 , 2 and 3

  2. Rectangle101 says

    how did you get this running i wanna play kingdom hearts 2

  3. S Manly says

    Hey can you tell me where you got your emulator?

  4. DragonKnighte2798 says

    What emulator you using?

  5. DefoJifo says

    can anyone help me?? pcsx2 always say i need to update some directx libraries, but i did it 10 times

  6. Cresencio Garcia says

    Soul calibur 3 slows down often, can you help me fix this problem?

  7. André Vieira says

    Will it run on my Laptop, a Sony VAIO from 2010?
    Intel Core i5 – 2.4 Ghz
    Intel HD Graphics (128mb)
    4GB RAM
    HD SSD (250GB)

  8. Pickle Riick says

    whys that website just black with a bar in the middle or do i have to wait till its done loading something

  9. Tyler Stanley says

    how did u get this emulator? lso i need help

  10. Zero_Cool says

    I'm having trouble with null dc since I upgraded to w10 anybody else had issues?

  11. easyman244 says

    I'm in the military and deployed. my ps2 is at my home 10 states away. any way I can get a bios? I don't have my ps2 here

  12. orange18 says

    mine is slow like hell whats your pc specs

  13. JaliPlayz says

    Where do i get a controller to do this or can i use any controller that has a USB plugin? for example lets say an Xbox 360 controller or do i have to get a special one

  14. Mikey Ritz says

    I currently have windows 10.. and I am new to all of this.. I either want dreamcast or ps2 emulator to run,, I want to play Tokyo Extreme racer games.. that's it.. I tried to use pcsx, and it said I needed to config bios.. I did what it said, and it didn't work. . should I download windows 8 instead? .. I even tried to download directx 9 and on install it didn't work, and said I had a newer version .. somebody told me I needed directx 9 to run nulldc,, or pcsx. . I'm very confused and frustrated.. all I want to do is play my old favorite game series.. Tokyo Extreme Racer.. 2 and 3 and zero ..

  15. Ryan Tvedt says

    and Kingdom hearts is the only reason i want this <3

  16. Mr Reese says

    im running kingdom hearts 2 final mix ( english dub ) using pcx2, igot my controller running working fine with DS4, but can you tell me how I can make the run smooth like yours? In other words, can you show or tell me how to wipe my drive like you said you did in the desription.

  17. anikanbounty97 says

    need help my controller doesnt want to respond at all in game when ps2 emulator launched works fine for configuring controller and all and was working last time i used it back in febuary 2015 i believe. i need help

  18. jaafar kassim says

    what version of the emulator are you using

  19. Scott Meadus says

    Of course he picks kingdom hearts

  20. Sachin Desai says

    can anyone hsare me the link of how to get and install ps2 emulator

  21. Michael Payton says

    Sorry guys, I never got these YouTube messages…!

  22. Haman Alosaime says

    Are u sure it's work in windows 10

  23. vevo sux alot says

    i am still lagging with my hd laptop its got enough ram and enough processer speed but it is sill compiling terrible fps but the fps is sitting steady at 60 so it shouldnt act its sitting at 30

  24. Krishan Lakhiwal says

    which ps2  emulator is this.. i cant see where if you have given the name of the working emulator..

  25. god richardson says

    Idk why but Its not working for me

  26. Akumakh says

    what other emulators you have tried so far? Did all of them work?

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